Friday, May 8, 2009

The Great Kangaroo Battle

The battle raged well into the afternoon, aided by stealth,


and the use of brute force.

While there were no official casualties, 
we suspect that the kangaroo is slightly worse for wear.


  1. Gigi, I love this! such drama

  2. Were these "found" children or players in a production with which you have a connection? Either way, it's a brilliant story told very well indeed.

  3. Thanks, Marlowe and Jonathan! These were children I happened to see at the Boston Public Garden. They fought over this poor little kangaroo for over an hour. I took several shots of them and then later arranged them in an order that caught the overall mood of their "playing."

  4. That kangaroo IS pretty cute... Adorable little drama played out on this scale. I love people-watching (of all ages) in parks. People are usually relaxed enough to reveal who they really are. Delightful!

  5. Oh this is ADORABLE! And so very familiar!


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