Sunday, February 7, 2010

On Being Unabashedly, Unapologetically, Wholeheartedly Old-Fashioned When it Comes to Valentine's Day

I believe in romance.  

I believe in flowers--the frothier and frillier and girlier the better--wrapped in paper with ribbon and a handwritten note.  I believe in roses and candles and a kiss on a terrace, and serenades and love poems and x's and o's.  I believe in a starlit walk through a park in the snow and in the warmth of a hand holding another's, tucked deep in the folds of an overcoat.  I believe in Louis Armstrong on vinyl--and Ella and Edith and Dean and, oh, anyone whose voice makes your heart beat fast and the night go slow.  I believe in red and white and pink and lace and dark truffles dipped in cocoa.  

I believe in the gesture, the smile, the sweet word softly spoken in the wee hours with the lights low.  I believe in the slow dance that lingers when the song is over.  I believe in the hand that cradles my neck and the one that holds my own.  I believe in never looking back.  I believe in never letting go. 


  1. oh Gigi,
    I also believe! Believe so fiercely that sometimes my heart aches with such deep love!
    If there is such a thing as soul sisters, I believe we are just that....your words and thoughts always match exactly what I am feeling or thinking (except you add such beautiful flourish to your posts that your words go beyond my thoughts....and I love this!).
    Happy Sunday to you....

  2. This is the very stuff that makes the world go round - thank you for putting it into such beautiful words. Leigh

  3. I do believe I would experience this kind of romance one day~ the dogs are just not the same Gigi!

  4. Oh Gigi, I do so love how you weave these words of meaning into something so magical. Thank you darling.

  5. Oooohh I believe......pity my husband is not also a believer! BUT he is beautiful anyway!

  6. Perfect, Gigi. Simply perfect. And heartfelt. And lovely beyond words. Somehow your words have captured the true essence of the meaning of Romance.

    Thank you. For now I shall go about my day with this sweet reminder of how lucky I am that I can relate wholeheartedly with your words. That I am blessed to have such a reality in my imperfect life.

    C x

  7. Oh Gigi,
    You are so eloquent....I wish that you had been my teacher at school. .... mind you, that wouldn't have been possible, as you wouldn't have been born!!
    You have such a wonderful way with words and have managed to put over your feelings in such a beautiful and loving way.
    Do you wish that you were back on your island or are you settled into your new way of life now ?
    Lots of love, Gigi and have a wonderfully romantic Sunday. XXXX

  8. Such a beautiful post... That's all I can say.

  9. Melissa: I just know that you and I are going to meet in person one day. I can feel it. Won't that be a perfect day?

    Leigh: Yes! It *is* what makes the world go around. You are so, so right.

    Lenore: I know in my heart that a woman as funny and smart and gifted and gorgeous as you will have bushels-full of romance!!!

    DJ: Mwah! I adore you.

    Julienne: You made me smile! I'm sure he's amazing.

    Ciara: Oh, thank you for your own words! I can't tell you how many of your posts I have carried around in my pocket for safekeeping. I love that last line you wrote here. That's just how I feel, too.

    Jackie: I hope you have a romantic day and week leading up to the big love fest! Thanks for your sweet comment. You have no idea how much it means to me right now. I'm not settled in one bit. My life is in flux, but I'm doing okay--a little better almost every day.

    Floralovely: Thanks, my friend. I'm coming over to visit you now!

    Can you tell that my love-mood is still going strong? Uh-oh. Watch out for my posts this week! xoxo G

  10. Oh yes, these are wonderful things to believe in!
    My husband and I usually share moments like this spontaneously. All the more beautiful, I think.
    You have such a way with words....

  11. Such magical words, Gigi...always leaves me with chills all over! Have a wonderfully romantic weekend, my lovely friend! xxoo:)

  12. too. Beautifully written - my latte tastes better after reading that!

  13. and secret words and special songs, reading love poems aloud, sharing an umbrella in the rain, ....

    beautiful, Gigi!

  14. "...and a handwritten note"

    This part struck me especially - how it's so simple and unremarkable to grab a card from a store, but to take the time to write out a note, and make it personal, and filled with true feeling and thought... that's something special.

    I needed to read a post like this, especially after hearing some unromantic notions this week.

    I'm glad I came across your blog!

  15. Hey Gig, these are things I believe in too.
    So much. xoxo
    Heaps of romance are wished upon you this week....and every other. xoxoxo

  16. yes....i do too when i'm with someone. i try to do it for myself - a little extra pampering but it's not the same thing.

    i hope you get all of this and more.

  17. ah yes..magical romance for sure...the rose is a special beginning here

  18. I'm with you (except for your musical choices) and I'd rather stroll a beach than walk in the snow. Luckily, my husband knows me very well and realizes that the simple the white tulips he brought home from the grocery store last night...are very romantic to me.

  19. Oh yes! Me too! But my dear Gigi, what a beautiful way you have of saying it. It left me breathless.

  20. Hey Gigi, just caught up on about a week worth of posts, been a little busy. What an amazing time you have been having and the pictures and words just filled me up. Great visiting again

  21. Then may your days be filled with Romance. May Ella and Edith brighten your spirits and may soft flowers in all their perfection always grace your living space. Precious Gigi ... you softened my day. Merci

  22. Lovely words and gorgeous picture xx

  23. What a wonderful way with words-you darling. I adore your descriptions here. I hope that you have a romantic-fabulous Valentine's Day filled with all that you love.

  24. me too....
    this was beautiful !

  25. Reaching a hand out to take yours, Gigi! I believe in is a lifetime gift...all day, every day...the more the merrier! Delicious romance...let the song play... ((HUGS))

  26. Nicely said... I completely agree. Love the idea of flowers with crinkly paper and a handwritten note. I was so excited to mail out my handmade Valentine's this year. It was a first. Kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown. My boyfriend sort of wanted to have a week of Valentine's, so I've been showered with a small thoughtful gift since Saturday. It's the best Valentine's yet so far. Hope you had a good weekend. xoxo

  27. Well is the answer and you know that for sure. :-)

    This is a great blog, Gigi. I've really enjoyed reading it, hope you're well!

  28. Thanks for your wonderful comments, my friends!

    Brad! So good to hear from you. Thanks for coming by to visit. Drop me a line sometime soon and let me know how you're doing.

  29. Sweet is so good to be back here, and after reading this wonderful post, my heart is full of so many good things.

    And that soft and romantic.

    I am so looking forward to wandering around here for a while, catching up with you...

  30. this is beyond beautiful... in every way gigi...
    i ♥ your beautiful words...and images...

    xxo, kim


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