Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving Update, or "Where Did She Learn to Talk Like That?"

Thanks for all the warm anniversary wishes!  The week since my last post has been a whirlwind of unpacking, shifting, sorting, arranging, rearranging, swearing, rubbing Icy Hot on aching muscles, applying cold packs to sore bruises, swearing some more, scrubbing out appliances that were left in less than pristine condition (understatement of the year) by the people who lived here before, still more swearing, and cleaning and painting our loft back in Massachusetts so that our new tenant won't have to do as much swearing as I've done over the past week.  Seriously, I'm starting to sound like a sailor.   

Moving was easier when we were 23.  Our muscles and bones were still made of rubber, and we owned a mattress, some books, a lamp or two, and couple of pairs of Doc Martin's that we'd bought slowly, painstakingly on layaway with little bits and pieces of our tiny paychecks.  Twenty years later, we own far, far too much stuff, and our bodies seem to have transformed into wood (creaky knees and back) held together with random bits of wire and knotted string.  I feel this morning like a bedraggled puppet and am telling myself a long walk along the ocean later will improve all.

My physical condition may be a little fragile this morning, but my spirits are high.  How could they be otherwise?  Seagulls, fresh tomatoes from the neighborhood market, sunshine on the porch, and a day ahead of me slated for organizing my new study (which Todd has dubbed The Magpie's Workshop).  Hot damn!  

See, there I go again with the swearing.  


  1. "The Magpie's Workshop"--I like that! Be taking care of those bruises now, take it easy, be sure to take time to enjoy... It is essential to have extra pleasures in the midst of moving & setting up home. I can send you a seaside picnic hamper! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. You are too cute! How awesome that he has designated your space to your creativity :)
    Very sweet. And lucky you!

  3. I well remember an older friend, a very elegant woman, telling me years ago...."honey, sometimes Damn is the only word that fits".

    Happy new home to you, Gigi!!

  4. I know what you mean about aches and pains, and bengay. Glad it's behind you. Sometimes it's better to get out the frustrations. Just rinse out your mouth, it helps with stress.. yvonne

  5. If I was unpacking as much as you I would certainly sound like a sailor........and feel totally justified! Packing and unpacking is the only reason we haven't moved in 10 years, it is a horrific job so you are being a real trouper. I hope the new nest is taking form and just think, it will be cosy and ready for the winter. Our son is heading to Worchester, Mass for a 3-month surgical rotation in a few weeks (if he finds somewhere to live!).
    No unpacking on the weekend........promise me. Much love XO

  6. Oh those aches just get bigger and better with each year. I think a soak in the salt water would be better for you than the walk.

  7. Wonderful to hear of the high spirits, Gigi!

    And as for creaky knees etc, I find it rather disturbing how that has crept up on me in the last little while. Oh dear...!

  8. Oh, I envy you the sound of the seagulls. I hate moving, but when you get close to the final transformation - the start of something new is magic.

  9. Oh my dearest Gigi,
    You sound so happy (despite the aching muscles !!). It's lovely to read your high spirits between the lines.
    I wish you and Todd the happiest times in the years ahead, in your new home,
    With much love to you both. XXXX

  10. Hi Gigi! i just stumbled upon your blog via my best friend lily's blog (bigbang!) and adore it! i look forward to following you and your adventures!

  11. Enjoy that walk along the sea side and slow morning breezes on your new porch. How well deserved! The magpie's workshop awaits! Exciting.

  12. im just beginning my move.... and its a big one.
    empty nest and just me, but a whole house worth of stuff. im aiming at only moving 50%. hoping for less, and thats still too much ...sigh
    but im excited. i read it in your post and im looking forward to exactly that

  13. gotta love a good swear now and again. yay for moving and getting settled in. i can't wait to hear more about it.

  14. I am gearing up to move in about a month and my over 40 body is NOT looking forward to moving a household of 7! So glad you are settling in and all is well. it must be wonderful to just come HOME!


  15. Oh, it all sounds so wonderful for you! My husband was in the military and I agree - moving didn't seem so hard when we were younger. We moved a little over a year ago and have sworn this will be the last time we EVER move. But..oh, seagulls! It just sounds wonderful.

  16. Hi there beautiful sailor ;)!

    Since I´ve been away so much, I seem to have missed you´re moving!
    Did you buy a house by the sea?
    If so, I`m quite jelous ;)!

    Moving is hard work and swearing is absolutely needed =), so don´t worry, I´m sure you´ll calm down, when you start to get everything in order =)!
    Wish you a wonderful day, sweet one!

  17. Can you believe there are ppl out there that deprive themselves of swearing....besides fresh tomatoes it's one of my favorite things:)

    happy unpacking!!!

  18. I just love, I really do truly LOVE your way with words Gigi.
    I can't believe I have let so much time go by without visiting...your blog is one of my most favourites...and each time I visit, I gasp and I sigh and I gaze longingly at your photos.
    You are truly a treasure.


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