Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thinking today about what a wild and shifting fall it has been--about how much I am loving the Legacy Series and how much I appreciate all who are participating by writing and reading the posts.  I am much the richer for having you in my life, and my reasons for blogging grow deeper as I read your words.  Thank you.   

Thinking today, too, of inspirations.  I've got several projects in the works, and when that happens, I become a sponge (or a leech, I suppose, depending on how one looks at it), soaking up creative inspiration from everything around me.  Here are a few sources (both local and global) this week:

silver map pins (always)
Hans Christian Andersen
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows  
my husband's wardrobe (best vintage and thrift shopper ever)
Slings & Arrows (amazing series--rent it!)
Bright Star (finally saw it)
butternut squash
Sharpie pens 

What is inspiring you this week?  Tell me please!  Share books and films and food and anything else your heart desires.


  1. The colors of David's new room (kind of a tomato bisque and a lobster bisque)
    "The Essential Leonard Cohen"
    "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"
    Terry Gross
    Trinity's cartwheels and handstands
    pumpkin pie and coffee

  2. I am thinking of robin's egg blues, ocean water and creams. I love them with splashes of pink and yellow green!

  3. annie leibovitz
    maxfield parrish
    fine point sharpies
    the combination of green, orange and brown
    polka dotted crepe myrtle leaves
    lyle lovett
    jane austen's "emma"
    cinnamon (the spice)
    pillow top beds

  4. the colors of the city of your final destination
    the fogginess of frosted windows
    songs about angels
    sheer ribbon
    a bag of metal hearts i found
    naked tree limbs
    the white lamps hanging in the windows of a nearby boutique

    :) a very girly week


  5. Do we all just love sharpie pens? I am spending the days "doing the house" for Christmas. My mood wasn't red, green and jolly this I am inspired by sparkling silver, white and peaceful surroundings.

  6. Countdown to christmas , inspires me the most!

    Happy 1:st of advent, sweet Gigi!


  7. Ah! I needed this post! I have only been inspired by my cats to eat and sleep. (Luckily, I have not started to lick myself.) I am going out to find inspiration this afternoon. (Right after a little catnip.)

  8. That list conjures up such a nice image in my mind, a lovely collage of words. What has been inspiring me lately?

    Crisp blue sky
    Dusting of frost
    Orange brown leaves
    Cosy knitted jumpers
    Sparkles on a hair clip
    Inked scribbles on a page

  9. striped knee socks
    sprinkles on a cupcake
    nutmeg and cardamom
    labels for organizing a pending move
    crispy leaves gathered around the base of an old oak tree

  10. I am in that same sponge phase this month...and both Harry Potter and Hans Christian Andersen are looming large on my creative horizon this week! Also Grimms Fairy Tales.

  11. Loving these lists. Antibiotics! Haha! Tomato bisque red, robin's egg blues, Maxfield Parrish, naked tree limbs, silver & white, Advent, catnip :), hair clip sparkles, moving labels (!), the Brothers Grimm--inspiring, indeed.

  12. the music in my family. i added you on facebook if you want to see/hear...

  13. ps
    my husband wrote a song called
    where the road begins
    i will send it to you one day if you wish

  14. First of all...your new header! Love it!

    frost sparkling on the grass
    burnt umber
    Nico Case
    pears with blue cheese
    the Richard Avedon exhibit at the MFA

  15. old time jazzy christmas music
    great friends
    crisp cool weather with a blue sky
    turtleneck sweaters & scarfs
    vintage silver votive candle holders
    baileys & coffee
    vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin spice scents
    vintage books
    christmas season
    remembering what the true meaning is

    Warm hugs to you, dear Gigi! xxoo :)

  16. Christmas trees and the word "Believe". I see the snowmen and I know I believe. Singing with the CD of Christmas music and yes, I do believe. Making Christmas cards to send to friends, yes I do believe.

  17. the book i've just finished 'prodigal summer' by barbara kingsolver; i couldn't put it down.

    the music of yann tiersen, french soundtrack composer, particularly from the film 'tabarly'

    my new 105mm macro lens (loving it!!!)

    the little spot i've dedicated as mine...up under the eves of the roof of our little 'gothic castle'. it looks out over the maasai steppe, and i can see storms coming.

    wishing you a great day :)

  18. sigh...your of my most favourite photos of all time.
    And Bright of my most favourite movies of all time.

  19. ~ twine and butcher's paper
    ~ snowflakes
    ~ Truman Capote's
    "A Christmas Memory"
    ~ "Little Women"
    ~ "The Holiday"
    ~ clementines
    ~ wooly boot liners
    ~ twinkle lights
    ~ Trans-Siberian Orchestra's
    "Christmas Canon"

    Gig, thank you for the
    inspiration to pause and
    reflect on all of these
    wonderful things.
    Have a lovely day!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Oh my, what great lists! Gigi, I just ADORE your new banner!!

    Let me see...

    ~Mikael Kennedy's polaroids.

    ~Red thread

    ~The wildness of the sea

    ~Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky

    ~Ólafur Arnalds' Found Songs

    ~Matthew and the Atlas


    ~My black Ugg boots that I got for free :-)
    keeping my tooties toastie!

    ~The afterglow of a fantastic week

    ~Lapwings in my garden


    ~Having Jay and the children home all week due to the snow

    ~Anticipating the birth of my only sister's first baby!!

    ~The dark hours I snatch to get some writing done.

    Hope you are warm and well,
    C xxx


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