Sunday, May 1, 2011

My City at Night in the Fog

I have been wanting to show you more of where I live . . .

. . . and then the fog rolled in the other night and I knew it was time. 

This place is always beautiful, but late on a foggy night 
something a little spooky, but also quite magical, occurs. 

One senses aspects of the city that are hidden by daylight,

overlooked by the casual eye.

The city's spires reach higher into the night sky

and the trees share some of their secrets.

All the usual haunts become the set of a film noir feature,

and every doorstep glows in the mist.

My city beckons long after the last shops close--

its flowers bloom beneath the streetlights,

and my favorite places 

wait quietly in the dark.

There is color, but it's muted,

and the fog blurs the line between the present and the past

until time ceases to exist
and there is only the cry of seagulls,
the scent of ocean mist, 
and the echo of footsteps down a cobblestone street.


  1. whoa...these are just gorgeous - i would put that last one on a wall!!! wow

  2. Hello Gigi:
    Absolutely magical. These images are so atmospheric suggesting, as you say, a film set. And, although dark and moody, with only the occasional light showing through, there is nothing whatsoever sinister about the blackness.

  3. Went to the Maine Photography Show yesterday in Boothbay. Very nice, but I saw nothing I liked better than these wonderful shots...Portland as film noir: now there's a book of poetry and photography waiting to be a best seller!! mcr

  4. Such beautiful images, Gigi. The love for your place comes thru and the fog just adds a lovely layer. You did a very good job, nice tour!

  5. Hello Gigi,
    I hope the weather will get better at the day. The photos look really scary but also very magical. We have sunshine here and warm. Wish you a happy May Day.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Are these images of Portland, Or.? I so love that city and your images are beautiful, moody and yearning. The photo of the boats is especially powerful to me.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Gigi. Thank you so much for sharing your city with us!
    Is there anything lovelier than fog? C x

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments, friends! To answer ShannonAnn's question, this is Portland, Maine. I've heard that the "other" Portland is beautiful, too! :)

  9. beautiful, beautiful pictures... I'm in awe. Thank you for the tour of your city.

  10. Gigi these are simply wonderful! I love the moody, foggy look of each and every one of them. This is another side of spring in New England that I love,,,

  11. DIZZILY ROMANTIC, Gigi... stunning... just stunning! I especially love those doorsteps that seem illuminated... I have to go back and look again! :o) ((HUGS))

  12. beautiful post loving those eerie foggy photos it is like another world

  13. It looks so beautiful and magical and, yes, just a little bit spooky.

  14. Hello there Gigi! It is so great to see you again..I have missed you!
    I love the mysteriousness of fog...and have never attempted to take photos of it in the night. These are a feast for the eyes, and stir up all kinds of mysteries for the imagination. Especially the one of the is so haunting!

  15. What a beautiful walk you've taken me on! Thanks for sharing.

  16. The pictures are gorgeously composed in these last two posts, and the narrative with the second is exquisite ~ Alexandra

  17. This is absolutely one of the best posts I've ever read and definitely my favorite of your photography. As I noticed the date, I can hardly believe I've been away so long. Life certainly can get a little hairy, can't it?

  18. Loved all the pictures...I feel like taking a plane and get to know your city... :)


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