Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breakfast and Other Pleasures

Breakfast this morning was a plate of cherries, a bowl of museli and yogurt, and a cup of pomegranate green tea.  I ate the cereal with a big, old silver spoon--too big for my mouth--and relished every bit.  Some mornings are like that; I'm just hungry and happy to be sitting at the table, the cats climbing on counters and in cupboards and all sorts of other places they shouldn't, the seagulls causing a ruckus outside my window, and an electric fan aimed directly at the back of my neck, whizzing merrily away.

I am having the best summer I can remember since I was maybe a little kid.  Nothing is certain, nothing is going particularly smoothly, several things are lousy . . . but there are beaches to walk, greasy slices of pizza to inhale, concerts in the park to enjoy, and friends and family with whom to enjoy them.

At night I dream of a house and hydrangeas and lemonade on a fine, broad porch, but mornings are about the here and now, about breaking a sweat and getting work done. And I relish it all.  

If life isn't a bowl of cherries, then maybe it's a plate of them--a pretty plate, its glaze crazed and worn, but all the more lovely for being useful.  


  1. Isn't it funny Gigi, that , even when we are pretty much content, we are always thinking of that Utopia we have in our dreams ?
    I really don't think that life is ever 100% perfect......I don't really think that it should be. If everything was perfect then we would never have anything to strive for or work towards.
    I think that your breakfast this morning and, that feeling of contentment is wonderful and should be relished and enjoyed to the max.
    All of us have a pretty plate and silver spoon and all are just a little bit chipped and worn which is what gives those plates their character and soul.
    Here's to many, many more scrummy breakfasts and to letting our cats have the run of the place!!
    Much love Gigi. XXXX

  2. Well, Jackie just took the words right out of my mouth! Your breakfast looks yummy (it makes me want to take out my pretty dish for tomorrows breakfast) and your summer sounds so lovely...Life isn't always a bowl of cherries, but there are tasty bits every moment! Enjoy your day, dear Gigi! xxoo :)

  3. I am slapping my head in horror because I've just realized I left 5 pounds of cherries sitting on the design table at work!

    And they were so good.

    Tomorrow for breakfast at work.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the lovely words and the wake up call.


    xo Jane

  4. Jackie, ditto every single word. You are a goddess.

    Marissa, I wish more mornings were like this one. I will make a point of seeing to it that they are.

    Cathi, yes, indeed. You're so good at savoring those moments.

    Jane, that sounds like a perfect working breakfast to me. My only problem is I'd eat myself halfway through the bag because I love them so much, and then I'd have a belly ache! But there are worse things in life than OD'ing on fresh cherries! :)

  5. i'm having a very similar summer....not perfect, kind of lousy in some ways, but it's okay and going by way too quickly....

    the worst part....no beaches to walk or sit by though :(

  6. gigi ~

    i adore you so much. you always write exactly what i'm feeling. for me too, it has been the best summer i can remember despite the lousy unknowns and piles of things that need to be addressed. i'm living in it...soaking up every single ray of summer's warmth, and something tells me, i'm not going to stop anytime soon.


  7. I am so happy you are having a wonderful summer Gigi...Enjoy your lazy breakfasts and those sweet cherries....xv

  8. I know precisely what you mean. I'm currently on holiday in a lovely house on the marshes of South Carolina. Last night Edward and I ran on the beach and sat in the sand watching the sun set below the pink water. Breakfast was fruit and granola - hot coffee. The day will be spent writing and napping and writing some more. There is an alligator in the pond across the road. He winks at us as we walk by.

    Troubles? Gee, I know they're out there. But just now I can think of one.

  9. I dream of hydrangeas too sometimes and of a house with a white picket fence and the sound of the sea on a near-by shore... I could go on ...

  10. Love the photo, and your post is wonderful. Live in the moment. In today's world, it is impossible to do anything else.

  11. Gigi, I cam upon you through another lovely blogger and love your thoughts today.
    My Summer was an interesting one too. It was meant to be a winter but I transformed it to summer....and now it is back to winter and I want a bowl of cherrries! x

  12. My kind of breakfast. So happy to hear you smiling in this post. :)

  13. mmm...that's my kind of breakfast too! Such a lovely image. You do things with such grace, Gigi. And I love the message today of, if life isn't a bowl of cherries, eat cherries in the meantime. ;o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  14. I've been so behind that I've not visited you for a while. I'm glad to "hear" the joy in your words...the perfect breakfast (well, except for the cats-I'm a dog person) and to know that you are enjoying your summer. A beach to walk would certainly help my attitude!

  15. This is the kind of start to my day that I love. I have been thinking about your little guy on the roof today and hope he is doing ok. I do believe you described the summer I am having also. I am trying to notice the good things. I do hope you have that house with the broad porch sooner than you can imagine.

  16. Dearest Gigi,

    On July 1st I did write a blog about: Nature's Candy - Sweet Cherries
    That is all about your post today. The bliss in the morning for eating a plate of cherries, müsli and yogurt is heaven to me as well. Let's count our blessings!
    Have a lovely weekend and lots of love,

  17. I too eat my cereal with an oversized silver spoon in a cracked vintage plate and love the magic of it every time. Come to mine so we may eat together in front of the hydrangeas. I bought them blue and they are turning a splendid shade of violet while passing through dusky shades of pink. Keep having a great summer Gigi….

  18. If life isn't a bowl of cherries, then maybe it's a plate of them--a pretty plate, its glaze crazed and worn, but all the more lovely for being useful.
    Amen, sister!

  19. How on earth have I missed so many of your posts? What happened? Where did I go?

    This is just gorgeous. A post filled with quiet happiness. Thank you for sharing. Cxxxxx


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