Saturday, January 21, 2012

Candlelit Breakfast

The cats woke me at dawn with cries for food and love and the sound of my slippers shuffling down the hall to start the rhythm of their day.  I filled their china bowls, shifted the curtains, watched the first flakes of another storm, then turned with a shiver to put the kettle on.

In the bedroom my love still lay asleep, wrapped in cotton and linen and the shifting pictures of a morning dream.  Here, in the tiled kitchen, I lit a matchstick, let it touch each candle on the table until I'd burned the match to its quick and the wicks flickered gold against the grey.

I scooped silver forks and spoons from their chest, set out the Polish amber crystal for juice, glazed blackberries with maple syrup until they glittered like onyx.  

The spiced pumpkin pancakes sizzling in the skillet were not silver dollars, but rich, golden coins.  True, you can't buy love, I thought, but breakfast makes a good trade.  

The kettle whistled, my love awoke, and now full of all they needed, the cats fell back asleep in their rocking chair, lulled by our soft laughter and the schoosh, schoosh, schoosh of snow blowing against the slate roof of the church next door.  

My heart, now full, found the rhythm of its day.  



  1. I don't know what I love more, that photo or your words.

  2. With a morning like that my heart would find the rhythm of the day too!

  3. Your heart touches another, and another, with sweet words and images so warm.

  4. You make the morning sound so wonderful Gigi..........I must admit I like my mornings when everyone is still sleeping and I tiptoe around doing quiet tasks (like commenting). XO

  5. Aw, that is so lovely. What a wonderful start to the day. :)

  6. I can only imagine what the snow must be like! thanks for painting a beautiful picture for me Gigi. Happy day to you. Jane x

  7. A romantic picture Gigi... So beautifully captured and such evocative words... The perfect breakfast... xv

  8. Now I want to start my day all over.

    xo jane

  9. So beautiful, Gigi. The wind is howling so loudly here tonight, but I can feel warmth coming through your lovely post, and it reminds me to appreciate all the warmth and cheer around me.

    Have a wonderful week!


  10. maple syrup glistening on blackberries. swoon.
    makes me wish a little
    for snowfall
    and another shot at breakfast.
    pancake hope:)
    warm thanks,

  11. What a beautiful way to start the day. I loved this piece of writing!

  12. What a great idea! I've just blogged about "bed tea" I had recently in India - and how I want to bring more of that beauty in the moment into my life. This is a perfect idea for those winter days of darkness!

  13. i am so not a morning person - i have always been a tad jealous of people who are able to be up and exercising before the sun rises. but this - this? - is even more jealousy-making. lol! i am in love!!!!


  14. I love the way you gently remind me to take care of myself.


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