Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Stripes

While many folks know I'm a girl who loves plaid,
I do believe summer and stripes make perfect partners.
Here are a few of my favorites:

From Pottery Barn
The classic black and white beach umbrella.  I can't afford this one, but I'll find a cute knock-off!

From T.G. Green
A Cornishware dreadnought pitcher to hold fresh-picked garden roses.

From Garnet Hill

Cheerful jersey-striped sheets and pillowcases.
From L.L. Bean
My all-time favorite striped jersey.  I've worn L.L. Bean French Sailor's shirts since I was a teenager.  They come in great colors, wear beautifully for many years, and look perfect with jeans, capris, a skirt, shorts--you name it.  An absolute staple.  The knit is heavy, so it's perfect year-round and for cooler summer days or evenings.  Here in Maine we get a lot of those!  :)

From Nicola's Home

I LOVE the colors in this hat!  Everything at Nicola's Home is beautiful, but this hat . . . oh, my!
From Target
What could be better in summer than espadrilles?  
Target has some great ones at good prices!  
I'll be stocking up.

Please let me know about any other summer stripes you find!


  1. I am a plaid girl as well but your right stripes= summer!
    Love that umbrella! Let me know if you find one.

  2. What fun stripes. I agree, stripes seem the perfect summer combo! I have a similar umbrella that we put over the adironack chair off in a cozy corner in the garden.

  3. I love stripes and think I had better head to Target for those shoes.

  4. What a fabulous collection of stripes. Love it!

  5. Stripes always remind me of the beach! Love 'em!
    I think I'm wearing that hat over on my blog...... ;)))))

  6. oh you ... i have ALWAYS loved those l.l. bean striped sailor's shirts ... i can only imagine how perfectly comfy they are and i bet you look positively smashing in one! anchor's away, matey (matie?) for a sensational summer full of stripes!
    fun post! : )

  7. Wonderful! Yay for summer stripes!

    I do have that exact Cornishware jug, though it's an antique (literally) at this stage and has a crack so cannot be used any more. It's one of my favourites.

    Great post! xx

    1. Oh, antique Cornishware is the best, Ciara! I love how the glaze looks when it's old. I, too, have plenty of cracked pitchers in my collection, but I love them all the more. :)

  8. Replies
    1. Maybe we'll have to go to Nicola's when you're here. She's got some beauties!!!

  9. Agreed, stripes and summer seem to be made for one another. I love striped cotton rugs, everywhere, for summer beach houses. The Bean French Sailor shirt is one of my favorite summer necessities although I'm quite sad, they don't seem to be making them for children any longer. How could they? So sad.

  10. I have been meaning to buy one of those llbean shirts for a long time and now you have just given me the push I needed to go internet shopping:)

  11. Such pretties for summer! I do like me some stripes for summer too. Plaids are sweet, but I do tend towards them for fall/winter. Really love the look of those striped espadrilles and hat! We're just back from our trip the US. Lovely to catch up here with you, Gigi--Happy Summer Days. :o) ((HUGS))

  12. oh! i am with you and i would steal that umbrella so fast that no one could catch me. love, love, LOVE!!!! :)

  13. Can't beat stripes - especially a blue and white boat necked tee with red capri pants and wedges.


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