Monday, October 1, 2012


Month of my dreams.  This is the time I climb inside my own head, write down what I discover in the corners, behind doors I'd nearly forgotten.  The month of black tea, blankets, thick books with well-thumbed edges.  The time for foragers, leaf gatherers, finders of treasure on the forest floor.  I could throw you a party, fellow searchers; strew the table with dried flowers; bake us spice cakes and dark berry tarts to stain our lips and fingertips.  

Let the winds blow.  Let the branches rattle and the frosts begin.  Open the old doors.  Let October in.


  1. You jumped right into my mind today, Gigi. I was thinking about my plans for October and what I wanted to do and you couldn't have stated it more perfectly. Thank you for being the fabulous you that knows just how to describe the art of living! xxoo

  2. Oh, Cathi, you and I are kindred spirits, my dear! xo

  3. Yes! This is perfect.. change of season ..

  4. Beautiful Autumn look to your space here, Gigi, and your warm words make me feel wrapped and cuddled in a soft blanket ~ nothing wrong with that!

  5. Hi Gigi,
    Fantastic had me seeing the "treasures on the forest floor" and tasting "dark berry tarts".

    thank you for all your inspirations!

    xo Bess

  6. Hi Gigi,
    I LOVE Autumn ...... the colours, warming drinks and comfort food, wearing my boots again and coats and jackets, fingerless gloves and scarves. Also, our son and daughter-in-law got married in October 2008 and was the most wonderful day so it's close to my heart.
    Hope that you are both well and your lovely new house is looking gorgeous.
    Sorry that i haven't been around much lately ...... have been a litle busy and still getting used to my new computer !
    Much love. XXXX

  7. I do love your words Gigi! They brought beautiful comfy images of autumn to my mind...better than a photo:)

  8. So lovely Gigi... your writing always transports me and holds my attention... till long after... I am excited to see photos of your new home when you are ready too.. love your colours... xv

  9. Beautiful images!
    I am letting October in with a bang.
    My little grandson was born on October 1st, what a perfect gift.
    And yes there is pumpkin spice tea in my cup to celebrate Autumn!

  10. Count me in Gigi! Just let me find my gloves.....

    Hugs Jane

  11. Me too... October is my favorite month by far. So much sensual delight this month... Let's get started! :o) Happy Autumn Days, Gigi ((HUGS))

  12. Oh yes; let the fires roar!

    It brought a smile to see your beautiful pumpkin header return!


  13. October is my birthday month and you make it sound so beautiful. I love our October spring mornings in Australia, but you almost have me pining for Autumn.

  14. Yes I love October too (and September). November to February I would like to be cancelled..

  15. Perfect. Absolutely perfect, Gigi. I am right there with you. A glorious month to start off my favourite season.

    I really wish I was actually there with you! xx


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