Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Summer of Awesome

No, my friends, I have not forgotten my promise to post images and stories from Italy.  I've just been caught in a whirlwind of deadlines.  In fact, in rare spare moments, Mr. Magpie and I have been collaborating on a series of posts about gardens of Italy.  We're nearly finished with the first one, and it will be coming to you very soon!  In the meantime, here's another of our collaborations.  We saw this sweet little street while wandering in Florence, and we knew we needed a photo.  My hands were full (of shopping bags, no doubt), so I asked Todd to snap a shot with his iPhone.  At that very moment, this gentleman turned down the street, and Todd clicked.  Sometimes you can't plan or set up a shot like this.  It just happens, and these are some of my very favorite moments.  I've cropped the photo a wee bit, and processed it very slightly, but this is pretty much as we saw it.  Florence.  A city I want to return to again and again.

I hope you are having a beautiful July.  Here in Maine we are heading into the sticky days of summer. The peas are nearly bursting from their pods, the honeysuckle's clambering up the lilac, and the daisies are unfurling under the midday sun.  As Portland hits peak tourist season, our favorite food trucks are out, and a long-awaited (and already beloved) restaurant has finally opened.  After a very hard spring, Mr. Magpie has declared this the Summer of Awesome.  Life might be throwing some curveballs, but we're both pretty good hitters.  

If you're heading up (or down) to southern coastal or midcoast Maine this summer and looking to make this your own Summer of Awesome, below are 10 places (in no particular order) to hit.  I will be back very soon with tales from Italy, chickadees.

Summer of Awesome Destinations
  1. Marginal Way in Ogunquit (for a shore walk of pure beauty)
  2. Five Islands Lobster Company (for fresh seafood and quintessential Maine scenery)
  3. Snug Harbor Farm (for my favorite nursery in the state)
  4. Portland Sea Dogs (for great Minor League Baseball)
  5. Montsweag Flea Market (goes without saying!)
  6. Maine State Music Theater  (for wonderful musical theater on the gorgeous Bowdoin College campus)
  7. Gilsland Farm/Maine Audubon (for birdwatching)
  8. Reid State Park  (for a beautiful sandy beach and an incredibly picturesque setting)
  9. Peaks Island (for a glimpse of Maine island life)
  10. Portland Museum of Art (free admission on Friday nights, but always a fab place to visit)
Poppies at Gilsland Farm


  1. What a charming picture, Gigi. I love it. And I love what you said about curve balls and being hard hitters. Me too, sister, me too. I'm glad you've decided to make it a summer of awesome. Way to go!

    1. You are a sweetheart, Keri! Thanks so much. Why am I not surprised that you're a hard hitter, too?!

  2. The summer of Awesome - I like that. Everyone needs to have one of those. Florence is beautiful and that picture just says so much.

    1. You're right, Loree. Everyone does need to have one of those. Hope you're having one right now. :)

  3. What a great picture!! After your summer of awesome and our summer of sleeplessness let's get together to kick off a fall of fantastic! :-)

    1. Oh, Dhvani, that will be so wonderful! We can't wait to see all four of you. Sending big hugs your way. xo

  4. What a whirlwind you've been living in. Lovely, lovely whirlwind.


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