Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Decorations and a Few Links to Inspire

I love these final days leading up to Christmas.  I'm finding inspiration nearly everywhere I look, such as in the sparkling play of light when I lean a poinsettia against a votive candle in front of the Christmas tree.  Suddenly the bracts seem to transform into stained glass, making the whole plant look like flames.  This would be lovely for a holiday party.  Simply cut bracts from a poinsettia, place them in individual florist water holders, and then place them in front of lit votives.  I used real candles, but the battery ones would be great, and they wouldn't make the plant too hot.  I could picture several of these on a shelf, a sideboard, or lining a mantle.

Storms have knocked down several branches from our trees, so I've gathered up the greens to use on the mantle, tucking birds' nests and pine cones (which I sprayed with adhesive and then sprinkled with silver glitter) into the boughs.  I've also included a vintage birdhouse, some lovely candles, and a string of battery-powered fairy lights from Terrain that are wrapped with glass beads.  Beneath the greens I've hung the garland I made a couple of years ago from old keys and pinecones strung on a pretty chain that I found at the crafts store for just a few dollars.

My little Christmas village is at home on an old silver-plate tray I found a few years ago at Goodwill. I didn't have any of that wonderful sparkly faux snow to spread on the tray, so I simply used kosher salt mixed with a little silver glitter, which looks gorgeous and cost me basically nothing.

I placed the little sparkly house above on a white plate, which I then sprinkled with my kosher salt snow mix.  Then I covered the whole thing with a beautiful glass cloche for an elegant snow globe effect.

Trader Joe's was selling hellebores for a song, so I scooped this one up and just popped it into one of the stone urns that I'd brought inside from the garden for the winter.  It's been blooming for two weeks, and it shows no sign of stopping.  I'm hoping I can keep it going inside until early spring, when I'll plant it in the garden.

I'll have more posts this week on decorations, gifts, recipes, and more.  In the meantime, visit my friend Robin for a beautiful Christmas post and a tour of her gorgeous home all decorated for the season.  

I've also been inspired this year by the holiday recipes and ideas at Food52.  Now I just have to narrow it down to one or two recipes.  Maybe the rugelach . . .   

Finally, for videos that will help you be your glamorous best at holiday parties, visit Lisa Eldridge. She is, hands down, my favorite makeup artist, and her videos are not only inspiring, they are a joy to watch.  She gives fantastic beauty advice for women of every age.

More very soon, chickadees!  xo Gigi


  1. So lovely and fabulous ideas, especially the salt & glitter! looking forward to more and I do hope you will visit me again soon!!

    1. Thanks, Susan! I will definitely be by soon. I'm missing my blog rounds and can't wait to see what you've been up to.

  2. Oh how I love the little crystalline covered houses. Just love them.

    And what a marvelous idea! Sprinkle a mixture of Kosher Salt and silver sparkle, to make snow.

    I use Kosher salt to "hold" little candles, but this "snow" idea, is wonderful


    1. Thanks, Tessa! I think Kosher salt is one of those marvelous things that has so many uses. I'm always discovering new ones. :)

  3. I am heading to visiting the links you have given, but in the meantime
    I am loving your decorations. The top of your tree is beautiful and the
    mantle and little house I adore. I have a small collection of the little houses
    and thought of putting one under a cloche, next year I will be doing that for sure.
    Thanks for all you shared here. I loved it all.

    1. Thank you, sweet Marilyn! I hope you are having a beautiful Christmas season.


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