Friday, June 12, 2009

Style Crushes

I have always had a crush on Louise Brooks--her perfect bob, that porcelain skin, those gorgeous cloches.  How can I help it?  My photograph of her in a black tutu and satin heels ALWAYS stays on the inspiration board above my desk.  But tonight, as I stared dreamily at Miss Louise while I was supposed to be writing, I got to thinking about other style crushes.  Whose style do I adore and why?  I can think of many friends whose own brand of personal style amazes me, and I'll have to gather up photos to post at some point, but in the meantime, I've rounded up a few famous folks whose way of dressing, smiling, talking, moving, and/or simply being in the world has always fascinated me.  I'd love to hear from other people on this subject.  Who are your style crushes?  There's one person I would have included here for sure, but I know that Cate loves her, too, so I thought I'd wait! 
Nina Simone--goes without saying
Yes, I have always loved Morrissey's style.  Still do.  Skinny, not skinny; young, not so young.  I don't care.  When I first met my husband, he looked so, so, so much like this photograph that it kills me.  Now, nineteen years later, Todd possesses even more style than he did then.  I think age has something to do with this--maybe it gives one more comfort in one's own skin.
Harry Belafonte--OMG!

Anne Sexton had no idea how amazing she was.  Her letters and poems make me want her right back here in the world.  She was decidedly not comfortable in her own skin, yet she had a kind of deep intelligence and wit that made her shine.  If true style is dependent on substance, and I think it is, she embodied style.
Gregory Peck: no one wore a fedora better.  Or anything else, for that matter.
Joe Strummer was my style hero all through high school and college.  Actually, he was my music hero, too.  He's another person I want right back here in this world.
Bonnie and Clyde--dangerous and stylish.  
They were sharp dressers, and Bonnie always wore gorgeous shoes.


  1. Without a doubt, Jeanne Seberg in Breathless...

  2. Oh boy! Now i feel like I'm being tested..who do we both love? Well, I LOVE Audrey Hepburn, I think she was absolutely glorious. I cannot watch Breakfast at Tiffany's enough. I remember when you and Todd visited we were explaining to him her childhood, since we were talking about her, it could be her. I also adore Katherine Hepburn, she was sassy!
    And, I will have to admit that I love Gwen Stefani, and have since I was 10. She rocks!

  3. If we're talking overall Style (with the big, all encompassing S), I'll go with Paul Newman. Talk about feeling comfortable in your own skin!

  4. I love this post!

    James Joyce, ca. 1922, all be-ringed and fedoraed in tennish shoes with an ashplant pendant;

    Sinead O'Connor, ca. 1987 (The Lion and the Cobra), because, well, the shaved head--still fabulous all these years later;

    Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), ca. 1990 (Violator)--way cool;

    and last for the moment but certainly not least:

    Beau Brummel, ca. 1813, because he polished his boots with champagne and pared it down, way down.

  5. Oh, this is a fun post and I want to play along...and doing so will help me procrastinate about painting the dining room...

  6. Fun style've got some great heroes and heroines here. It's interesting to consider style through the ages, through the decades. I was reading in the newspaper today that the summer clothing "forecast" suggest short-shorts, ultra short-shorts...Um, I'll be giving those a miss I think! ;o) Audrey Hepburn has always been my role model for beauty and grace. My hero would be Van Johnson... I think I was born in the wrong time...LOL! Happy weekend :o)

  7. Yes, Cate! I'm with you (and maybe, Gigi). Those two Hepburn women ... Katherine and Audrey. No one can wear white shirts like they could, with the collars turned up and their long necks balancing beautifully intiguing faces. And the slimness.

  8. Gigi,

    What a fun and delightful post! Your choice of heroes and heroines are excellent which leaves me feeling a bit intimidated!

    I'm a seasonal gal when it comes to choosing a style heroine, so when summer starts to heat up, I always conjure up images of Briget Bardot and her carefree, sexy, girlie style. The rest of the year, I tend to favor the classic essence of Jacki O. Wow - could I be stretched any further on a spectrum of differences?!!?

    I'm completely with you and your choice of Nina Simone and Gregory Peck! And I'll add Van Morrison to my list.

    Wonderful post - I'm still lingering through the cobwebs of my mind trying to think of those I admire.


  9. Style is as elusive as the butterfly, and as varied as the pattern of its wings, all just as beautiful. Then there are those that like the slug, have no style at all. I find myself, now in my middle 50's trying to re-define my style just a bit. Always, one to dress on the younger side, act on the younger side; I find, now that I am a "Nana" wondering just what my new "rules" should be. I always feel that any event that causes a good soul search, is a good thing!

  10. Just posted mine, and it's interesting to see them together in one place. Thanks for the prompt.

  11. I love this post! Straight to mind comes Stephen Fry - I adore his intelligence and self depreciating wit. My long time fascination came when I saw the 'self portrait in a straw hat' of Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun in the National Galery in London. She had such strength and attitude, born in the mid 1700's but succeeding as an artist where most men failed, never mind women. There's something about her eyes in her self portrait, cool, confident and challenging.

  12. What a great post! I think I'll follow m.heart in this and do a post about it myself. Will have to mull over who I'll put there for a bit though!

    Fab choices Gigi!

  13. It is wonderful to see everyone's thoughts and choices. Each response has me thinking, "of course!" And yes, Cate, Audrey was exactly the person I was thinking about when I mentioned you. I recently watched Funny Face again for the third or fourth time, and I was struck all over again by her grace. Oh, and Seberg and Newman and Bardot and Fry--yes! It's funny, Kim, I was thinking about Stephen Fry, too. I was also thinking about Oscar Wilde and, of course, Fry when he played Wilde in the film. I looked up "Self Portrait in a Straw Hat"--wow. I see what you mean. I'll be back in London this summer and will look at the portrait in person for sure. Thanks for your thoughts, everybody!

  14. I love this idea. I'm going to have to think about it and then play along. The person who quickly comes to mind is a fictional character. I do love all the quirkiness that is Amelie. Well, and Katherine Hepburn - so much herself.

  15. 3 People whose style I like:

    Johnny Depp, Roberto Bernini & Björk

    (it is a fun question to think about).


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