Sunday, August 9, 2009

VV Rouleaux

My friend, the wondrously gifted and lovely Marlowe, introduced me to VV Rouleaux, and I just had to share a few photos from their website today.  If you're visiting London, you can go to their shops at Sloane Square or Marylebone Lane to find glorious ribbons, tie backs, tassels, fabrics, and trimmings.  They've also got loads of loveliness available online.

Above are some vintage pieces from the company's archives.
A customer named Kate sent in this photo of her "glam wellies."  She'd "VV Rouleauxed" all the gear that she was wearing or taking to the Glastonbury Festival.  Brilliant!


  1. Ooo off to check out their website, thanks honey. Kates' wellies are so cute, way to go!

  2. I ADORE VV Rouleaux...the just have the best selection of ribbons, trims and fancies. I go to the Sloane Square shop when we're in London...which is not often enough--LOL! Hope you're having a blissful time, Gig :o) ((HUGS))

  3. It has been a dream of mine to visit VV's one day. Oh what fun you must be having! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts...

    vicarious traveler, gg

  4. wow ... definitely the epitome of thrills for frills! there is just something about ribbon ... the sheen, colours, patterns ... skinny, wide, lacy, velvety ... what a fun time for you!
    thanks for sharing your adventures ~ looking forward to more ~

  5. You find the best goodies. I've been thinking of you. Trusting you are having a most wonderful time.

  6. What a lovely find. I just love that word 'passementerie'.

  7. Thanks, my friends! I'm having a lovely time. We're staying in Bloomsbury, and I am eating too many scones with clotted cream at Bea's, a place you MUST visit when you're in London. Missing everyone's blogs! More soon. xoxo Gigi

  8. Hi,
    I hope you are having-or have had-a lovely time in London!

  9. Just read your comment-you are-hurray!

  10. oh yeah, I am loving this post.


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