Thursday, September 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I mentioned that our new place has a sunporch.  What a joy it is!  I step up into it from my study, and it is the perfect place to take photographs with its two walls of windows, two windowed doors, and one wall of white-painted bricks.  Plus, my herbs and houseplants love it there.

I bought a huge bouquet of cosmos at the farmers' market early in the morning yesterday and placed them in vases and bottles all over the house.  Out on the sunporch they fairly sing.

Next week I'll begin a new series here on The Magpie's Fancy called "Legacy."  The series will focus on the people, things, and ideals that we value.  In my little Blogger profile I state that I am a seeker of things that shine from within.  That's not just a pretty thing to say.  I truly mean it.  While a bit of surface flash does catch my magpie eye, what I really cherish is a deep, burnished inner glow in people and stories and places.  Several talented friends will be joining me in the coming weeks to share their thoughts.  Each one of them definitely shines from within.  I can't wait to read their thoughts and study their pictures. 

Meanwhile, the leaves have started to turn here in New England.  Time for cider and apple crisp.  I will be gathering up the last blossoms of the season and treasuring them until the first hard frost.  


  1. I especially like the second picture showing the backs and buds ot the cosmos. The background color and where you placed your signature, all helped to make it perfect.
    Looking forward to the "Legacy" blogs.
    Love, Mum

    PS Suprise! I checked your blog witin moments of your posting! XO

  2. Thanks so much, Mum! I like the second one best, too. Cosmos buds are really interesting, and it was fun to play with the focus on them.

    Apparently we have the same psychic connection online as we do on the phone! :)


  3. i always get HAPPY and INSPIRED when i visit here with you, my friend

    your porch sounds wonderful...can't wait to see the new Legacy blog...

    and i loved reading about the leaves turning, cider and apple made my day !!!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. your porch sounds like the perfect place to pause and rest. looking forward to your new series! xox

  5. Cosmos are one of my favourite flowers. I am excited to seeing the legacy blog.

  6. Dear Gigi, Cosmos are perfect plants for the late summer into autumn border. They give such a fresh and cheerful frisson to the borders when all around is turning much more sombre. Your second image is very pretty and captures the fragility of the Cosmos and the misty quality of the season. Lovely.

  7. a sunporch with a white painted brick wall is heaven !

    ~and i totally understand what you mean about location. that's where we keep waffling....something within walking distance of everything we love versus an old farmhouse with outbuildings that i could use for backdrops for my photo shoots.....BUT, even then, i can't be too far out. i like being 5 minutes from target and the grocery store.....

    and now i think we should just sell and rent until we find the "real deal"
    thanks for your note !!

  8. Looking forward to your new series...hmmm....can't wait. :) I dont have a sun porch but I do have a small deck that I love to go out on in the early morning hours with a good hot cuppa to reflect, etc.

    Have a good day!

  9. Legacy - what a fabulous series, Gigi! I truly am excited for it!! Cosmos are one of my fave flowers too and you have captured them so beautifully! Have a happy day, my friend! xxoo :)

  10. Greetings Girl,

    How I have missed reading your posts. I was in the wilds of Upstate NY, the computer on a dial system, and it was So Slow! I missed a lot.

    I eagerly await your new series. Your images just get better and better.

    Happy Fall,


  11. Gigi, I love absolutely all of your pictures, they are so artistic, it is just a delight to look at any of them. Have a lovely weekend,

  12. i am SO looking forward to your series. Yes mam!

  13. I can't wait for your new series!
    Your new header is gorgeous the pics of your cosmos make me happy. Have a good night!

  14. Thanks for the comments, lovely friends! Wishing you all a happy weekend! I'll be messing around with the blog design and whipping some writing projects into shape.

  15. Your new home sounds delightful with a sun porch. Love cosmos and your photos a wonderful, like a painting.

  16. The first thing I saw was your new header...and it took my breath away!...then I scrolled down and saw your two cosmos pictures...These are so beautiful and soft and amazing Gigi...what a talent!


  17. I'm looking forward to Legacy; it's good to have a bit of reflection to make us pause in our mad rush from vase to sofa to pie-plate. Which makes me think that I like how non-consumerist things are round your place here.

  18. A sunporch...*sigh*... what a sweet way to extend the seasons, Gigi! These cosmos photos are dreamy...*swoon*... I love the soft, new lilac look here. And very much looking forward to your new Legacy series... The beauty within, I see to know also. :o) Autumn is beginning to grace us with touches of golden color here too. Tomorrow we go to an apple festival! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  19. New header is fabulous Gigi! How you took a simple cosmos flower and changed it in to this beautiful photograph..........I am in awe of your talents.
    The sunporch sounds divine and hopefully you get to layabout in it all weekend (if you want to). Date is marked and I am thinking. Much love and have a wonderful weekend. XOXO

  20. Your sun porch sounds fantastic! I love the pictures of the cosmos--love that dreamy quality you captured. And I look forward to seeing your Legacy series. I love the idea of things that shine from within. Don't forget to show us some pictures of your new space, as well as the descriptions. I can already picture you sitting in your sunroom, sipping tea, writing your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Gorgeous photos! I wish there'd been time to visit last month. Next time. I'm looking forward to your Legacy posts. Miss you!

  22. Lovely pictures! I am really looking forward to your 'Legacy' posts. And there is an award for you on my blog. :)

  23. Gigi, I love your new header and cosmos are one of my favourite flowers ! I love seeing a tall bouquet of them spiralling out of a beautiful old, colourful ceramic jug - unarranged- just being themselves. Perfect. Looking forward to your Legacy series. Aaah, autumn is just around the corner ! I can smell it !

  24. Hi :) I found you via Jayne Ferst's blog! You take beautiful pictures:)

  25. Hi Gigi,
    Your porch sounds heavenly. So too the thought of apple crisp and the feel of fall. Am looking forward to reading your blog in the weeks to come!

  26. I wish I was in New England in the fall...

    Wish I had a sunporch...

    But tremendously happy about these Legacy posts which I've no doubt will be wonderful. As only Gigi can do.

    And I do love your new banner pic. So you. :-)

  27. Oh Gigi,
    Your header is so beautiful. It is so delicate.
    It sounds as if you are really settling into your new home and finding all of the nooks and crannies....what should go where etc. All part of enjoying a new home.
    I am so looking forward to your new series and know that it will be a joy to read.
    Your blog looks perfect. XXXX

  28. What gorgeous and translucent photos, Gigi! And by the way, I can't wait to see your children's book. When does it come out?

  29. Hi sweet one...
    Havent been around for a long time, sorry!

    I´m sure the sunporch is perfect and looks fabulous!!!
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Love the images and the ligth =)!

    Wish you a happy week!

  30. I adore cosmos and these photos are gorgeous! Can't wait for the legacy posts - know they will be wonderful...

  31. These images... oh my! These images!

  32. How I would love to have a space like keep potted plants and herbs, a place to read, to quietly reflect, to watch the beautiful light change throughout the day.
    Oh, and apple crisp...that defines autumn for me!


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