Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manuscripts and Leaves

While I read poetry submissions for Newport Review and gulp down yet another Earl Grey, the storm outside rages.  How good to be cozy inside with a cat curled up at my feet.  This photo is of the roof of the art studio next door.  

Tomorrow I'll climb out of bed early to take shots of the freshly-fallen snow, but for today I'm dreaming of a walk earlier this week at Bradbury Mountain, where the evergreens actually glistened in the sunlight and the leaves of some of the deciduous trees still clung to their branches.

Thanks to everyone who has left messages about Friday's exercise.  
I'm looking forward to it more than I can say!


  1. Hmm! Earl Grey? I might have known. My favorite. Have you sampled Revolution Tea's Lavender Earl Grey? Perfection.

  2. I love that top photo. So interesting/abstract.

  3. I haven't tried it, Marjorie, but I LOVE lavender, so I'm definitely going to buy some! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Thanks, Roberta! I love how the icicles are being blown to the right! It's windy out there.

  4. I am also watching the storm rage outside the window - my mother's window in upstate New York today - and after such a warm, dry winter out west, I must say it feels very cozy here, now, in this little cocoon of family peace. Wishing you a peaceful storm! ox

  5. How fun to find your blog through other bloggers links. I loved what you wrote in an earlier post about being too tired to find the magic that is free. "It's out there waiting for us," you said. This is so true and I wish those words were put on a billboard that everyone could see. :-)

    I'll be back when I can leisurely read more posts.


  6. Sounds delightful. Stay warm and I am so looking forward to tommorrow.

  7. Really looking forward to Friday's writing exercises. Hoping the storm outside is not too devastating.

  8. A nice cup of tea and snow - a perfect day! Lovely photos.

  9. i always think that snow days ~ storm days
    are a gift from mother nature ...
    slowing down our pace ...
    i loved those days when our boys would all be home
    because the school buses weren't running and we
    would cozy in and do things that we wouldn't do
    on any other day and knowing that others were
    doing the same was very calming ... : )
    love your leaf image, gigi ~ truly remarkable ... : )
    see you tomorrow ... eeeeeeeee!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Love the last photo...your blog is simple and pretty.


  11. Don't you just love those leaves that hang on a wee bit longer? Or sometimes, a whole lot longer? Or apples that cling to the tree, long after the leaves have fallen?
    I am wishing for snow.

  12. i find that in reading your posts one thing that really strikes me is our lack of seasons, or seasonal changes. and i miss autumn particularly, and now i suppose too early for spring, but maybe on its way? here we have maybe three: hot and dry, hot and wet, cold and dry. off to the uk next week so at least i get to experience something different!! :)

  13. I love the title of your post .. very poetic, romantic and story telling like. I love the photo as well ...


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