Thursday, April 8, 2010

T is for . . .

Sorry my posts are sporadic of late.  
Writing has swallowed me whole.
I need a break, though, so come on over.  
The kettle's on and I've got Earl Grey white or chamomile. 
And there's raw Savannah Bee Company honey. 

Tea is for two: 
me and you.


  1. mmm~~sounds perfectly lovely~~~

  2. Love a cuppa right now...just finished getting the boys down for a nap and would adore a nice hot cup of chamomile :-) and honey is a treat. Just noticed your cats names ~ love them, one of my favorite movies.

    Enjoy your tea!


  3. ...i'm on my way....dear friend


  4. I love your pictures, Gigi! You have such a natural talent, and you're a fabulous writer to boot! That tea is calling my name, but I think it's almost time for a glass of wine.

  5. on my way gigi.. love the images today... sigh...♥

    hugs to

  6. I'm over in a jiffy. May I have a 'Thé des anges?' Hmm - I know what to get you next time I'm in Paris...

    Enjoy your cuppa!

  7. I love your pictures. They are so peaceful.

    Wish I could come over for that tea. It sounds lovely!

  8. Don't start without me.....mmmm could take me a while :)

    Love your pictures, you clever girl.

    xoxo DJ
    ps thank you for your lovely words over at sweet Sande's.

  9. Beautiful photos, Gigi...I would love to have a cup of tea with you, that would be wonderful!

    Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo :)

  10. Theresa: Come on over!

    Julia: One of my favorites, too. The book as well!

    Kary: Oh, wouldn't that be lovely?

    Janis: Thank you so much--such a compliment coming from you!

    Kim: You can bring one of your amazing baked treats! I wouldn't say no!

    Ange: You read me like a book.

    Betty: Thanks, sweet friend.

    DJ: I meant every word. You make magic everywhere you go.

    Cathi: I feel like one of these days we'll share a cup together!

    Concord Carpenter: Me, too. It is my absolute favorite. Especially when there's a cookie around to dunk in it!

  11. i'll bring a little creamer for my earl grey and a cupcake for you....and maybe some balloons just because they make me smile and of course the sunshine will have followed me all the way to your house so we can sit outside on a blanket and watch the birds.....

  12. The teacups are so soothing... I love tea. I love how the photos capture the soothing qualities of tea.

  13. Dear Gigi, A cup of tea, and Earl Grey to boot. What could be more English than that? A slice of lemon to accompany for me, please.

  14. Beth: Balloons would be most welcome! And sunshine and birds. Sounds perfect!

    HKatz: Soothing-yes! That's just it.

    Edith: Lemon it is, my dear!

  15. I'm virtually on my way. Thanks for the invite.

  16. Oh. I'm saddened that you're nearing the end of the alphabet.
    Would love to share a cup of tea with you, Gigi, although I'd probably be so in awe of your brilliant mind that I'd get all tongue-tied.
    Love and hugs to you.

  17. Lovely photographs! And yes, let's have a brew. I'll have what is known in my neck of the woods as a 'builders' (white, 2 sugars). Mmm..

  18. And you can photograph too! A woman of many, many talents...and you have the most talented friends too. Have the best weekend. XO

  19. Save a cup for me... tea time, the best time! And love your pink-y cup...*swoon*...White Earl Grey sounds lovely...mmm... Ironically, I was photographing tea too for something I've got planned for next week. Would love a cuppa now though, been burning the candle with jewelry-making and shop things. Glad it's the weekend now--time to slow down, time for tea. Your writing days sound so good... Happy Weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  20. Martin: Glad to hear it!

    Angie: We'd both be tongue-tied then! You are the brilliant one.

    Jayne: A 'builders'--I love that name!

    Sande: I'm blushing!

    Tracy: Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. Hope you take time out for yourself!

    Laura: I bet you know where to find some great honey. You always seem to find the coolest places.

    Espresso: Thank you!

  21. Ah, a cup of tea sounds lovely right now. Though I could also use a bubble bath. Long week! Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  22. Sounds perfect, Gigi. I'll be right over....


  23. knock-knock*
    "anyone home?
    ...I've brought Ginger lavender Cookies...still warm from the oven!"

  24. Tis'a fine art to make the perfect pot of tea...scald the pot ....measure the tea...wait a few minutes for the right absorption of leaves and water...prefect cup in place...nice company to share it with....hang on a minute .....WHO forgot to buy the biscuits? Don't you just live a nice cup of Barry's Tea!!! Preferably Earl Grey, of course!! I'll be over with the bikkies later......

  25. Earl grey for me Gigi. I get the sporadic thing. Totally!! lol

  26. Writing that swallows you whole is much more important than ephemeral blogging. But yes please to the Earl Grey.

  27. oh, this just soothes my soul.

  28. So? That writing... has it been going well? I'm still here cheering for you.


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