Thursday, April 29, 2010


Y from here
Y is for Yes.

So far, 2010 has been the year of No.  No to dreams and wishes.  No to plans and schemes.      

After four months of this nonsense, I've decided on Yes.  Spring made me do it.  Buds and flowers and sunshine and even floods--the beautiful onslaught of all this life and growth--has pulled me through.  I'm waving goodbye to No.
I love the letter Y.  Just look at it with its arms flung wide: Y

Yes, Y is for Yes.  
It's also for You, with my thanks.  


  1. No is such a dreadful word, isn't it?
    I love your notion of Y with it's arms wide open!
    Yes! I agree.

  2. Yeah! I love to hear this kind of positive energy being sent forth! YES indeed! I hope this is the turning point and all becomes YES, resounding, thunderous Y E S!

    Great post and lovely pics.


  3. Loving this post, Gigi!! Yes,yes,yes! Beautiful photos! Have a fabulous day, my lovely friend! xxoo :)

  4. I just love this post and the way you are moving from no to a huge, beautiful yes!

    I've had a similar struggle this year. I started with such optimism, but it's been hard to keep a hold of that, and here it is spring and I am so disappointed with how it's all gone.

    I am holding onto the image of the Y and the beauty of your words.Here we go, onto yes!

    Thank YOU

  5. There are quite a few nice Y words, Gigi.
    Young, Yummy, Yellow (such a happy, sunny word!!), Ying and Yang, Yippee, Youthful... and, that's just off the top of my head. But, Yes is the nicest of all. Strong and positive.
    Now that you are into YES, things will begin to happen.
    Trust me...I know.
    Lots of love. XXXX

  6. Great post! definately say's so much more fun than no :D

  7. Oh, what a positive post! Yes yes yes.
    To me, a Y looks like the perfect place to build a safe, cozy nest.
    I would love it if we could take a walk together, too! We'd pack sandwiches and iced tea, and take our time, stopping to wonder at every little bit of beauty! Maybe one day, sweet friend!
    Thank you for the kind, uplifting words!
    xo Dawn

  8. Interesting Gigi!
    Y reminds me of a wish bone somehow~


  9. those "creepy little no ways" have a way of bashing the "wonderful big yes ways" in the head and tripping them when they're not looking....

    so i raise my glass with you to YES......

  10. great post gigi - we agree, yes is a great word.

  11. Y is a pretty positive looking letter. So Yippie for Y! See you later, 'no'.
    Gigi, I'm happy to hear that you plant your edible plants amongst the non-edibles! My kind of style ;)
    Have a lovely day.

  12. Hurray for yes! Have you heard that story about John Lennon and Yoko Ono-he went to see an exhibition of hers. One of the exhibits was a step ladder going up to the ceiling. He climbed up and at the top was a tiny word stuck to the ceiling-'yes' ! When I heard that story I could just imagine how that felt. Hope whatever you have decided to say yes to is lovely!

  13. What a beautiful post! From now on the letter Y will remind me of the wonderful word YES!! Yes to following our hearts. Yes to realizing our dreams. Yes to working hard and loving it. Yes to friends and family. Yes to enjoying life. Yes to gratitude.

    Sorry, I'm getting a little carried away, and I think this might be the first time I've even commented on your blog. I'll go now :)

  14. Yes, Yes, Yes. Such a great post and something I needed today!

    Thank you!

  15. Yes. Sounds like a great idea, Gigi!

  16. HooraY and YaY! Thanks for all the lovelY comments. Karen, I'm glad that You got carried away, and I'm thrilled that you commented.

    Oh, and Sarah, I was so touched to read your comment. My husband told me the very same story after he read my post! What a gift from Yoko. I LOVE it, and will remember this storY alwaYs.

  17. I'm here seconding Yes with all my might and booing No like a pantomime chorus.

  18. Yes siree!...Yeay, Yippee, Yowie, for Yes!..and I love the image of someone nesting in the arms of Y...

  19. I'm glad to hear the upbeat sound of your "voice". Sometimes it is a long journey from no to yes...I'm glad you are on your way.


  20. Y is for yes I love this post. Happy to hear your arms are open, sometimes we just need a No break to know when it time to open them up again. Sometimes we just need a break! Happy weekend. XO

  21. A beautiful post, Gigi. Y is indeed a lovely letter. I'll always think of it as the Greek i, and the Greeks are the nicest, most hospitable people.

    Wishing that 2010 is a year of resounding YES! for you. :)

  22. how beautiful! spring has had that effect on me, as well.

  23. Gigi~
    Leave it to Y-O-U to turn a lot of NO's into one big positive YES!

    And I absolutely love the idea of using vintage lace for dress adornment and such...brilliant idea!


  24. Oh, YES! That is such a good work. In a way, I can relate. While the year so far hasn't been NO for me, I realize I've been coasting along here a bit... Bit to whip this up into some more YES!...less maybe, more yes. :o) Thank you for this wonderfully uplifting post, Gigi. Happy Weekend ((BIG HUGS))

  25. Ohhh Gigi how could you do this when I am just now learning how to say NO!!!!! I hope the rest of the year is just one big YES for you.

  26. Oh I know how you feel... Yes and all positive thoughts from here on out! Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  27. "Yes, she said, yes!" Here's to you and Molly Bloom.

  28. Thanks, friends. Chris, I was thinking of Molly Bloom as I wrote this! I love that passage so much.

  29. Y is for Yolanda, which is a marvelous name for a woman with big hips.

    Y is for yak, the greatest even-toed ungulate that roameth the earth.

    Y is for YES, for Gigi getting her way and taking charge of her own destiny.

    have a lovely weekend, my friend! xo

  30. Very nice post, from No to Yes, arms flung wide. Hope things are shifting for the better, sounds like some rough waters behind you.
    Hope you are enjoying the start of the weekend. Am so enjoying your alphabet posts, bit sad to be coming to the end so soon!

  31. this one may be a very favorite of mine. arms flung open....oh yes, yes

    beautiful shots.

  32. yes to the mysteries and adventures ! missed your blog. can't wait to read on.....

  33. YES! Yes and Yes to you from me too. Fling those arms of yours wide and say YES with joy and abandon. There are always a few hidden treasures obscured by those No's - all it takes is an open YES to bring them out!!

    Yummy, Yellow, Yesses to you Gigi - may the world open up in unison

  34. Great....positive thinking...the best way you can do!
    Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and leaving a comment.
    I LOVE your pictures as well, really!
    xo Bine

  35. oh my, how i love this!! YES!! YES!! YES....

    xxo, kim

  36. Yes was my word for the year last year. I highly recommend it. I can see your life blooming with yes just now.

  37. Arms flung wide...that is so wonderful! I will never see the letter Y the same again!
    Love it.


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