Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boxes, Books, Boots, and Cats

This morning, halfway through forcing a shelf's worth of poetry books to fit like a Chinese puzzle inside an old pinot noir box, it suddenly hit me: I'm moving again.  How many times have I packed these same books into the handy castoffs of a local liquor store?  Six?  Seven?  And how many times have I vowed that this will be the last time I do this for a very long while?  Maybe two.  The last vow came five years ago, but life since then has been a roller coaster with a lot of stomach-lurching drops and upside-down swoops.  It is definitely time to move--move on, move away, move back to a place we adore to be near people we love.  Most (maybe all) moves I've ever made have been for jobs or school.  This one is for love.  

We're hoping the cats will love their new home, too.  Maybe even Scout.  Anyone who knows Scout knows that she is a challenge.  I have a spot in the sunshine all picked out for her daybed, but I suspect she'll also want a dark nook in the farthest reaches of the closet in my study.  A girl needs spots to suit her changing moods, so I will do my best to accommodate Miss Scout's needs.  

And speaking of closets, I wish I could build one just for our cowboy boots.  We don't own a lot of clothing, and I don't have all that many pairs of shoes, but we do own a pair or two (or twelve) of boots.  I'm thinking of transforming one of our bookcases into a display for them.  They're too pretty to stow away, plus Scout needs closet space for her dark-mood bed.  

I've been missing my blog rounds this month.  Once we're settled into the new place, I'll be back to a more normal schedule again.  Thanks for being patient with me.  xo Gigi


  1. Hi! First time visitor, found you by clicking through from Kim Klassen's site.

    I actually like the idea of sort of 'displaying' your cowboy boots on a bookshelf. I think I've seen "shoe shelves", so to speak, that have the shelves tilted slightly to make the shoes easier to display. I like the idea of a metal one, really, that way it's easy to wipe off if you accidentally forget to wipe the mud off your boots...

    I've moved all my things five times in four years. Each time it gets a little harder to figure out where I'm going to -put- all of it, so I definitely sympathize. I think I have fifteen boxes of just books and those are my babies! They're the hardest to pack.

    I wish you the best in organization epiphanies!

  2. You're right, Katie, metal shelves do make a lot of sense! I know what you mean about books being your babies. My husband and I own thousands of books, so they are the centerpiece of every move. We gave away nearly 20 boxes of books last year, but we still have oodles and oodles. I adore reading them and just having them nearby. Nothing makes me feel more at home.

    Wow, five moves in four years! You are a brave woman. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting tonight!

  3. Good luck with the move. I hope Scout adjusts and surprises you.

  4. The Gigi soundtrack is a lovely touch! And yes, display all those boots. They'll remind you that you're a characterful woman with a lot of important stomping to do in this life.

  5. Oh good luck with the move, I love the photo of Scout and the artwork on Gigi, I've always loved that illustration.

  6. Hello, Gigi... Hello beautiful Scout! Love... I LOVE that you are moving for love. I did that once, crossed and ocean for love--best thing I ever did for myself and my Love. :o) May you all be happy in your new place, the love always flowing... And I LOVE the idea of a boot display--YES! Happy Summer Days ((LOVE & HUGS))

  7. That is an awesome idea building a shelf to display all of your boots. Personally I own a ton of womens boots and I have no where to put them. Would you mind if i stole your idea to use a shelf to display my own collection of boots?

  8. Gigi, I know what it's like to move alot...I can't count how many times I've moved, and it's stressful every time. But also so exciting...a fresh start, a fresh palette!

    Where are you moving to??

    xoxo Dawn

  9. Moving for love...what a wonderful concept. We always move for job, not so great really as it is never done by choice.

    Take your time, we all have to take a life break now and then.

  10. we had always moved for jobs and 4 years ago we moved for what could be called "love".....and now, with no regrets, we know we're here for a very long time. love is good.

  11. Many, many years ago I had an opportunity to move for a job and tried. I became homesick for New England and moved back for love...Of course in those days everything I owned I could fit in a Ford Econoline van:)

  12. What a wonderful new adventure for you and the Mr. Gigi....I am so excited for you!

    Loving the boot shelf - I myself am a boot collector (not much of a shoe one, like you)but boots galore...

    I can't wait to see more of your awesome photos of your new area....

    Have a fabulous week, my friend! xxoo :)

  13. Ah, in the move for love. The best reason in the world for anything!

    Looking forward to your updates when you can!

  14. Sounds like you are moving for all the right reasons! Wishing you much happiness in your new nest! (and Scout too!)


  15. Oh Gigi,
    I'm so pleased that Scout is going to get a lovely place to sleep. I love Scout as she picked my name on your giveaway all those months ago !
    I am a scardy cat and have only moved three times. I think that it's so exciting for you. I'm sure that you will love your new home especially as you will now be near loved ones.
    ...... and, I just love your boots and know that i would love every pair. I am so NOT a shoe and handbag girl but, show me a good pair of boots and I go weak at the knees !!
    Enjoy and embrace the move, Gigi and look after my little friend Scout !! XXXX

  16. Moving is always exciting especially when for love... although a lot of work. Wishing you the best. Scout... too cute! My little gray Tuxedo Sage has her spots too. Funny story, this weekend I set my purse on the dining table. She has never paid attention to the purse OR dining table as a spot... but all weekend that was THE place to be...with her head cuddled in my bag. So when I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I couldn't disturb her, so I snuck my wallet out to let her enjoy her little nook. As a result, I forgot to place the wallet back into my purse before leaving for work yesterday. Typical Monday... luckily I remembered to bring lunch or I would have been starving! Take care dear friend. I know how it is about missing the blogs... but it's been a rough couple of days so forced myself to take a night off of work, and visit blog pals which always makes things better. :)

  17. oh i hear you gigi we've moved too many times to even try and count seriously i think its like 13 in the last 25 years arghh!!!! so i sympathise with you and i'm excited with you new beginning gotta love that hey

  18. Dearest Gigi ~

    It warms my soul to know how deeply you love your furry-friends. Scout is a very lucky kitty! And I am beyond thrilled for you and Todd to be able to ride your bikes to all your favorite places! This is the life I dream of daily, and like you, I can't wait to grasp it soon!

    When your back into the swing of things, please drop me an email with your new address. Pretty please! :)

    We just returned from a week in Laguna Beach/Orange County visiting family and friends (with a bit of work thrown in too!). Did our souls good to soak up warm sunshine, bury our toes in the sand, and sip bubbly beginning at 3PM on some afternoons. Now, I'm playing catch-up.

    Thinking of you and your move and wishing you a smooth transition (inside and out).


  19. Lots of luck with your new move and lots of patience too!! Regards,

  20. Hi Gigi, love your red boots and Gigi album cover. Yes, they definitely should be on display. I've moved several times over the years for various reasons, but only once for love. And it was the best move I ever made. Hope the transition goes smoothly and wishing you much happiness in your new home.

  21. wishing you a smooth happy transition, Scout too

    I've missed you but I figured there was a reason...and I too have been missing :)

    so, now that we are back lets remember to stay in touch!!!

    moving is a very deeply spiritual practice, for you are symbolically changing your entire shell...i love that

    growth is good :)

  22. Hi! I popped over here from Kim's (Klaussen) blog. You have a beautiful blog and a beautiful way with words, as well as photography! I enjoyed my visit!

    My best wishes for your move. I empathize--I've moved a fair share myself. Making a move toward love is always, always a good choice!

    Bless you!

  23. I love the idea of a bootshelf instead of a bookshelf. You must do it! Yes, I think you must. I can just picture it.

  24. Moving for love...can there be a better reason? I think not. It is such a big job, but isn't it so much fun when you get to unpack all of your favourite treasures and put them in a perfect new spot inside your new nest? I love that. Makes the packing part worthwhile. :)

  25. Something so much more interesting about cowboy boots on a bookshelf than Manolos'...what a cute and creative idea.

    An love the 'in your face' close up your kitty and it's white walrus-like whiskers! Whatever room you make your kitty's 'safe room' is the one they will go to when they need quiet times or something scares them...they will feel secure there.


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