Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waking Up

"This terrifying world is not devoid of charms, 
of the mornings that make waking up worthwhile."
~Wislawa Szymborska

Hope you are having many such mornings this summer.  I am taking a short break from boxes and bubble wrap to check in.  One week to the move, and many details are falling into place while others just buzz around my head like nagging houseflies.  If I were a better blogger I'd be photographing the proper method of wrapping a Limoges set for transport or listing 25 creative ways to use up relish and other refrigerator condiments, but I am so not that blogger.  

Instead I'll tell you that I'm praying for a break in the heat before next weekend and that I am mostly excited--alternating with bouts of deep mood indigo and occasional swings into panic.  Ah, moving.  

By the way, the above photo is from a recent visit to my mother's house.  I woke up in my childhood bedroom one morning to see sunlight streaming in.  Contrary to how it may seem, I don't normally sleep with my camera, but it happened to be on the table beside me that morning, so I adjusted the settings and focus as best I could through bleary eyes, and snapped.  It's by no means a perfect photo, but it captures exactly how I felt that morning--and quite a bit of how I feel about returning to my home state to live after almost two decades away: nostalgic, hopeful, relieved, and a little disoriented.  Not quite Alice down the rabbit hole, but not exactly everyday reality either.

Wishing you a day of adventures and enticing charms.  


  1. Good morning. After an hour of watering the garden I am slick with sweat and should not even be touching a keyboard but ...

    Just realized I don't know where you are moving and why. Did I miss a tell all post?

    Beautiful morning shot. i should have stayed in bed today, cooler in bedroom. but the world is aways waiting.

  2. Dear Gigi, How stressful all the processes are surrounding moving and what bliss to have the reprieve of sleeping in such elegant surroundings. The antique iron bedstead reminds me so much of my own and always it is wonderful to be awakened with sunshine pouring through the windows.

    I wish you much happiness in your new home.

  3. We are alike! I am counting down less than a week until our move, and yeah, we're definitely at the "well, we still have this in the fridge, what can we even do with it?" stage.

    I wish you the best for your packing adventure!

  4. What a surprise to see your room and from that angle! ... and it continued to be a glorious day in the gardens. They are looking beautiful after Mr. and Mrs. Magpie did their magic. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. Gigi, I really love the photo from that angle. I think it truly captures the beautiy of an early morning sun streaming through the window. Now, I am with the first commenter here; I don't think I know where you are moving to, unless I missed it. I bet it is beautiful!

  6. I love how the ribboned hat seems to be suspended mid-air.

  7. I would say, that this is a perfect photo.
    xo Bine (who does not believe you, that you don't sleep with you camera *lol*)

  8. Dear Gigi,
    Moving isn't the easiest of times but I know that you will do it beautifully !! I haven't moved for years but, when I look around our house, it would be a very daunting task if I had to do it. There is so much STUFF !!!!
    ..... and what a beautiful image of your childhood bedroom. It must be the photographer in you to wake up and know that you should grab your camera.
    I wish you a smooth and hassle-free move and wish you many happy times in your new home. XXXX

  9. I love this photo Gigi - you've brilliantly captured that slightly foggy early morning feeling! Hope the move goes well and this is the beginning of another wonderful part of your life. Leigh

  10. hee hee! i see your little tootsies in there!
    ah ... i LOVE this image, gigi ...
    i can feel that light shining in ~ greeting you
    with warmth and security, like when you were little ...
    what a lovely way to wake ...
    i agree with leigh ~ 'you've brilliantly captured that slightly foggy early morning feeling' ... perfectly!
    really hope that everything falls into place for you in this move ...
    with you all the way always ... : )
    here's to gandering at our sleepy toes ...
    much love ~

  11. Are you kinding that picture is amazing. I think you have ghosts lurking in by your bed sweetie...I'm sure only happy spirits!

    Good lucky with the moving...I don't envy you. I hate boxing and organizing...yuck! come see my backroom and you'll understand:))

  12. I think living near family would be wonderful...I got to spend 4 years in the same town with my sister and loved it. It is the only time in my adult life that I've lived near my family...and I miss it.

  13. I have to tell you how good just being here feels. It's like a long overdue visit with your best friend from Jr. High. I was grinning just to get here... and then I saw your photo. Do you know how much you make my heart happy? Do you??

  14. You crack me up...'I'm so not that blogger.' I totally get it. :)

    LOVE that photograph!!

    Sending love,


  15. Now we must meet-up for a cup of something and a chat this fall...when things are quiet and you are settled-in.

  16. Oh, that photo says MAGIC SUMMER BLISS, Gigi! This photos is food for the soul... So no matter on lack of relish recipes. ;o) Moving is not easy--it is an emotional roller coaster, no matter how well the packing goes. Ride the waves, just be... Happy Days ((BIG HUGS))

  17. You put my worries about packing up for a one week vacation in perspective:) I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you for cooler weather during your move....

    Love the photo...the sunlight is just perfect.

  18. "deep mood indigo" is pure genius.
    here's hoping packing and moving is as seamless and painless as possible- can't wait to see your world when you're all settled again! xoxo

  19. Love the photo - it feels just like my mood when I woke up this morning....

    Have a good move! I am a few weeks away from our London trip - thanks for your input!

    Have a beautiful day! xxoo :)

  20. what a beautiful photo. it's as though, i can feel the calm feeling you had, when waking up.
    so lovely.

  21. I love the photo and it conveys the feeling perfectly. I will be returning home briefly to New York, and look forward to waking in my mother's house, which is always soothing.

  22. You sleep with your camera. Heehee. Seriously, this is a cool photo. I just spent three weeks at home with my Mom while she recovered from surgery and that's exactly how I felt about things. Happy moving day, week, month...

  23. Sending you best wishes on the move. How exciting to once again near family. I hope it is everything you have dreamt it to be. Love the photo too.

  24. i wish you the smoothest of moves

  25. I love this picture! good luck with the move....I know a move can be trying.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  26. that was a beautiful post,gigi~
    hope the move goes without a hitch...

  27. least you're keeping your head on straight. i've seen quite a few go astray while in the process of moving :)

  28. Gigi, I don't know which is more perfect, that this is what your childhood bedroom looks like, or that you took such a nostalgic picture. Your painted toenails being heartbreakingly poignant in such a setting. C x

  29. I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did. It is SO cozy here...filled with light, hope, and dreams. Love it.

  30. What a beautiful photo, Gigi! Missed you! I'm looking forward to catching up on all your lovely posts.

  31. Where are you moving? Where are you moving?

    Must read on.........

  32. ...some of my fondest memories are laying in bed on a morning like that.


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