Thursday, January 21, 2010

The List

I mentioned a couple of posts back that my amazing friend Jackie had given me the Happy 101 Award, and I promised to make a list of 10 things that make me happy.  Recently I discovered that the lovely Luiza has given me this award, too.  Now, you all know that I've been feeling a bit blue, so as tickled as I was to receive the awards, honestly, I was struggling with even the thought of making a list.  At the same time, I really like the idea of such lists, as they can help shake one out of melancholia and other solipsistic tendencies. My own problems and worries, after all, are mine.  And they are tiny in the scheme of things.

Tonight I type at my desk.  Beneath my window, the city is uncharacteristically quiet.  No sirens wail, no car alarms squeal, no men roar with liquor and anger.  The world seems at peace, and yet I know that this is an illusion.  When I climb into bed, pictures of Haiti will stream through my mind.  What can we say or think in the face of such devastation?  My friend Lily wrote a beautiful post about Haiti and about painting and about breakfast and hope.  Her words left me thinking of beauty, and of making something good and true and real in the face of unbearable loss.  Sometimes it's the only way I know to defeat grief.  

and so we paint
and so we weave
and so we plant
and so we read
and so we teach
a child to care

and so we reach
beyond despair

Here's my list tonight of 10 things (in no particular order):

  1. Craft Hope for Haiti
  2. Doctors Without Borders
  3. American Red Cross
  4. Heifer International
  5. Care
  6. World Concern
  7. International Medical Corps
  8. Habitat for Humanity
  9. World Food Program
  10. Save the Children

Thinking of you tonight, grateful for what you give the world every single day.


  1. Amazing post, Gigi - just beautiful! We are on the same wave length tonight! Have a wonderful morning, my thoughtful friend! xxoo

  2. Oh, Gigi!
    This list say a lot about, what kind of person you are. And I´m not surprised.

    You are right. Making a list about 10 things that makes you happy, really get´s you thinking...
    I had to think for a long time. I knew 3 of the 10 things, but making 10 gave me a hard time.

    Gigi, even if it´s hard sometimes, we have to belive in humanity, and that everything will be allright.
    I´ve had 10 really tough years, really tough. And that has tought me to be who I am today. I struggle with many things , but thinking everything happends for a reason, makes me feeli a bit better.

    Wish you a wonderful day!


  3. A beautiful list Gigi. Perfect. XXXX

  4. I think it's beautiful that you transformed your grief into hope via your list. It is comforting to help others, to feel like you have something to give.
    I hope that, whatever it is that is causing you pain, will soon dissolve, leaving only growth, grace, and a new beginning.

  5. I find those words so calming and encouraging and real, thank you darling....and what a timely list indeed.

  6. Congratulations on the lovely award, Gigi! :o) This list says so much... ((LOVE & HUGS))

  7. How nicely you've turned the particular and individual into the universal, while acknowledging the individual role in the whole. It's all we can do.

  8. So much contributing to a heavy heart at this time dear. I love your candor. Your sweet words touch so many of us. We are here to be a comforting shoulder. The images of the children keep sleep from coming-it is almost unbearable.

  9. The beauty of your soul shines through in this list of what makes you happy Gigi...when I first started thinking of 10 things that made me happy they were all yummy food items:)...I think I will re think my list...

  10. haiti is heartbreaking - absolutely heartbreaking

    beautiful post with thoughts of what to do for other people and you're right, when faced with these conditions, it makes me extremely grateful for what i have.

  11. Wonderful post. I think that just being glad to not be in Haiti has really changed my way of thinking. Nothing in my life could compare to what those people are facing, so when I feel a bit down...I think of them.


  12. gigi, was just finally coming over here to thank you for your *really* touching note, and then (of course) you've written the most thoughtful, beautiful, moving post- you really are an inspiration. and a very dear, dear friend. your poem captures our combined realism buoyed by hope, and i'm gong to copy it down in my moleskin.

    sending you love, hugs, and thanks- xoxo.

  13. Sometimes I read your postings, and am left without words. Today's is such a time. My silence doesn't mean that I am not touched, or do not care. Just the opposite.


  14. Gigi, there's such beauty in your soul. I love your list. I love how you are not afraid to show your compassion. And I love your hope in the goodness in each of us.

  15. I cried when I read this..and it leaves me speechless.....


  16. Sometimes we need to look outside ourselves to get out of our funk. You are a caring and lovely person and it shows in every post.

  17. this is beautiful sweetheart, just beautiful.
    haiti will rise again.

  18. This post is so beautiful, Gigi. The fine details and the strong rhythms of your prose challenge grief with the passion of conscientious craft. It's a privilege to read your words. It's always a pleasure, too, and a source of comfort and strength, seeing the strong voices and caring, wise souls whose comments are always a highlight of my days.

  19. Your list is so perfectly, perfectly you. Full of heart and compassion and wide-open love. So you.

    And your poem - perfect - just like I knew they would be.

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