Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Gifts

Today I'm joining with Christina and several other bloggers to celebrate the simple things.  Thank you, Christina, for your warm and brilliant heart.  

Here are just a few of the many gifts for which I am grateful: 

~taking a deep breath~

~a clutch of daffodils from my husband~ 
(yes, he wrapped that milk jar in craft paper 
and tied it with twine, crafty guy)
~knowing that my camera is by my side and ready~ 

~finding loads and loads of faux tulips 
at Michael's for a dollar a bunch~ 
(just perfect for making a wreath 
to beat the winter blues) 
~a peanut butter sandwich any time of day or night~
~discovering lipstick in the perfect shade of plum~
~sharing take-out Indian food with good friends~

(and Theodore)
~working on drafts with a girlfriend~ 
(editors and agents be damned!)
~becoming so lost in revising a poem 
that time ceases to exist~
~strong women like this one~

~taking a walk on a trail I've never followed before~
~discovering an old barn~
~watching a hawk fly by almost near enough to touch~
~funny people~
~stacks and stacks of books~ 

(I made not one, but two pans on Monday!)
~a phone call from a friend I miss~
~being forgiven~
~moving on~
~letting go~
~beginning again~



  1. Beautiful photos and words, and Christina have that awesome way with words that make my heart melt! And that manicotti....yum! Have a beautiful day, my friend! xxoo

  2. Hey Gigi,

    What a beautiful post. Your simple things bring a smile to my face:).
    Thanks for your note. It's so funny that I found you through this little blogworld and you're practically my neighbor! We take long walks at Wachusett Reservoir. Have you been there? It's absolutely amazing and so peaceful. I'm in Norway now, but I hope all is well in lovely MA. I'll write more when I return.


  3. *siiiiiigh* YES.
    I had a lump in my throat reading about the old woman getting the diploma a day before she
    A new trail....old barns...and your beautiful Bunzlauer ceramic dish full of hot steamy manicotti....thank you for these!
    And thank you for stopping by 'my place...' it's always so nice to hear from you.

  4. I think this is so positive and rather gorgeous. I read the piece on the dear lady getting her diploma...of course I cried.

    Your husband is so artistic wrapping the jar. I do love the picture of your cat and teddy....and I want you to fix me up some manicotti. Delish honey.

  5. All lovely Gigi! Loved the tale of the lady who got her diploma-what a woman-just shows it is never too late. Love the tulips, your husbands wrapping, Scout and Theodore!

  6. the power of forgiveness. thanks for shedding light on that. love your list of simple things.

    one love.

  7. Good morning, Gigi, and thank you for your beautiful list and pictures. Becoming lost in time while working on a poem, I love that, too!

  8. tell such a lovely story nice to visit you!

  9. ohh Gigi, what wonderful simple things you enjoy & that make you smile.
    i loved reading them & enjoying them through your eyes!
    lovely, hugs to you ♥

  10. I love your list...and your photographs. And those fake tulips which actually look quite real and will definitely brighten the grey winter (and grey and yellow look wonderful together)!! xo

  11. wow! your list opens my eyes to forgiveness. thank you for the sweet reminder.

  12. oh gigi....beautiful thoughts. just beautiful.

    and that last part really spoke to my heart.

  13. *swoon*...such delights, Gigi...thank you for sharing! This post is like a poem--not surprising from a lovely poet like you. Forgiveness--it's never too late for such blessings. Oh, let me know when you find anothernew great shade of lippie in plum...Plum & rose, my shades too! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  14. beautiful words and pictures!
    great sentiments!

  15. Wonderful simple things, love "a walk on a trail I've never followed before." serene.

  16. promise you will make that manicotti for me, if and when i am in your neighborhood. : )
    i love that you bought these tulips, i really do.

  17. An inspiring list and my mouth is watering from the photo of manicotti, bubbling and no doubt delicious.

  18. I love your list...I can tell you have a beautiful way with words. I can feel them.

  19. A beautiful list. I especially love the picture of Scout and Theodore.
    Blessings to you!

  20. Gigi...i knew this would make my heart sing...and it did...

    what a way with are a delight in my friend....


  21. I love your list....and would love to the know what that perfect shade of plum is and who makes it :)

  22. mmmm indian take out with friends ...yes..
    nice photos to go with your list

  23. I adore brown paper and string- so simple, yet couldn't be improved upon. I love the first signs of spring - tulips and daffodils! (Must be the dutch in me!) Stacks of old suitcases, indian food and manicotti - what's not to like? A beautiful post!

  24. I love the way you combine your pictures with your list today! Gorgeous!

  25. Very inspiring on what was looking like an blah day for me. Merci! Your husband, by the way, did a sweet job with those daffodils;)

  26. Gigi - I can't add anything to these other ravishing comments except - MORE stories like that fabulous elderly lady. What a wonderful inspiration to us all... and brown paper glass bottles tied up with string to boot!

  27. sweet gigi- what a thoughtful post. your email really touched me, and i have a very strong hunch that not only did you make the right decision, but you have opened some invisible doors that will reveal great opportunities for you in the very near future. Perhaps the last stanza of my favorite daffodil poem articulates all this the best:

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

  28. I love that picture story! I submitted one of my yellow tulips pics to the contest. What a coincidence. :) And manicotti is one of my favorite comfort foods too. I used my grandma's recipe, and it reminds me of when I was little. Loved your poetry, thanks for sharing, I know it takes courage sometimes. And thank you for the inspirational comment about quitting your job and finding my passion. I also applied to Scripps Networks last night. I know it takes patience and preseverence to land a dream sometimes. Btw, I love Savannah Bee Company too. I received their lotion for a bridemaid gift and need to reorder more online--it was that good. Now I will have to order some honey as well... thanks for the suggestion. :)

  29. Gigi... What a joy it is to know you. When I come here I leave in a state of bliss. I am pleased you are doing well, and find such delight in the simple pleasures this life offers.

  30. You certainly don't have to spend a lot of money to get pleasure out of life, do you Gigi ?
    Such a beautiful list.
    I love what your husband did with the brown paper and twine. He is obviously very artistic or, living with you, the arty things have rubbed off on him !!.... and there is my buddy, Scout. I love him for picking my name out when you had your giveaway. ...and there is part of my win on your sidebar. The poetry book, Learning to Tell Time. I have shown many of my friends and they all find it quite beautiful. XXXX

  31. Forgiving and beginning again. I really like those 2 things as well. Kind of helps you feel fresh. Thanks for sharing your lovely list!

  32. Dear Gigi

    I so love your simple things list...and that manicotti!

  33. how absolutely wonderful! that last one looks scrumptious.

  34. This post is just wonderful. I've told you before, but I do love the way that you think. You have me dreaming of an evening together laughing and talking. There will be a fire, of course and daffodils on the table. And a perfect manicotti for dinner. Want to?

  35. discovering an old barn! Love it, love your blog. Will be back. :)

  36. You words have given me quite a feeling of peace tonight. Thank you.


  37. Beautiful list. Doesn't it feel good to stop and think about those things? I love Christina! Your husband wrapped the jar in craft paper? Wow. What a guy!

  38. Hello. I found you through Christina's 'the simple things.' Love the story on the stong woman... and beautiful photos. Thank you!

  39. I am still winding my way through last week's simple things event. I am so glad to have seen yours. I love to make (an eat!) manicotti!

    Your blog is so lovely. I will visit again. Thanks!

  40. Gigi, you are so wonderful. Really, have a gentleness about you that is so comforting and peaceful. I love this list, and especially love that little cat paw resting on his friend beside sweet is that?

  41. Really nice post.

    I like your blog and what you have to say and how you say it ~ I've decided to follow.

    Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thanks, Concord Carpenter, and welcome!


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