Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wandering in the gardens near the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, on Friday, I found myself at various moments crawling under the rhododendrons, lying flat on my belly to photograph (and smell!) the lilies of the valley, and crouching among the dandelions and wild asters in the sunshine.  
Nose-to-nose with blossoms and grasses, I was transported to childhood, to the world of my mother's garden, and to afternoons spent building kingdoms among the rhododendron roots.  Dew-dropped in the morning, cool in the heat of day, lush and mysterious as the sun set, her garden was a world of scents and colors that helped me understand the importance of cultivating and nurturing beauty.
The tame world of the house was always only steps away, yet this was a wild place, a place where tiny flowers loomed large in my imagination.  I could imagine myself into a hundred lives, each one richer and more enticing than the last.
My mother gave me many gifts when I was growing up, among them her time, her patience, her laughter, and her sense of curiosity.  And she passed on to me a love for gardens.  This afternoon, as we walked in the garden of the house where I grew up in Maine, my mother and I talked about plans she has for transplanting a few shrubs and perennials, and for building a new stone wall around one bed.  A gardener's work, like a mother's, is never done, but there is always a little time for sitting in the cool green shade of a late afternoon, letting the scent of lilacs and lilies of the valley wash across the grass as a breeze rises--time to enjoy the feeling of a job well done.     

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!  
Thinking today of you, 
and of Grammy and Memere,
and all the women in our lives
whose understanding  and humor and care
taught us to grow wiser and stronger
and ever better 
with the passing of years. 

Thank you.



  1. Happy day to you as well sweet Gigi, beautiful post and pics.
    I love your header by the are wonderfully talented my friend

  2. Oh Gigi...this is just a beautiful much love...and such nice pictures.
    have a great day today!
    xo Bine

  3. Dear Gigi,
    Such beautiful photographs and a fitting text to your mum.
    We had Mothering Sunday in March, here in the U.K. so I have already been treated like a queen this year but, Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating this Sunday. XXXX

  4. GiGi, Here's wishing you a beautiful day.
    Such a lovely post.

  5. Such a lovely tribute today for the women in your life, Gigi. I called my Momma today, and in a few days I will be seeing her--I can't wait! Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  6. This brought a smile to my face, thank you for sharing your gift of words and big heart with us.

  7. Lovely pictures and thoughts!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. such beautiful images and words sweet gigi...always...

    hope you had a most beautiful sunday!!

    xxo, kim

  9. What a beautiful post, Gigi....I just knew that your mom had to be FABULOUS, as you are such a wonderful, caring woman - who writes such interesting stories and takes gorgeous photos! xxoo :)

  10. Beautiful as always, but my favorite is the Lilly of The Valley shot probably because I am partial to that flower :)

  11. Gigi,

    I love that you are able to mix your prose with equally beautiful images. I hope you had a nice mother's day.



  12. love
    these photos.
    your mama sounds wonderful. i know her sweetness, through her lovely daughter.

  13. The photos are lovely and words warm my heart. I hope yesterday was very special for you.

  14. These photos are beautiful, Gigi. And your post is tender and sweet. Love and hugs to you, dear friend.

  15. Such a lovely tribute to your mother and grandmothers.

  16. I still do these kinds of wanderings in my mother's a big kid. It is a place I will forever feel like a child, seeing all kinds of things anew.

    Beautiful post.


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