Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tagged Day Two--Savannah: Vintage Paradise.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I was tagged by the beautiful and fabulous Ange to share my sixth and tenth posts.  I, being the rebel that I am, shared my fifth post, and today I am sharing my eleventh post.  I can't help myself.  This one was fun to write and fun to share again, because it's about Savannah, one of my favorite cities.  I've made a little list of friends down at the bottom of this post.  If any of you would like to play along, please do.  Just repost your sixth and/or tenth blog posts ever and then ask some others to play along.  Please forgive me if you've already been tagged.  I'm terrible at keeping track of these things!

Without further ado, here's my eleventh post, from Monday, March 23, 2009:

This magpie is in love with Savannah and all of its sparkle, rust, and Spanish moss.  I'd been there once before a few years ago and found it charming, but this trip confirmed my crush.  Could I live there?  Absolutely.  I want a tiny cottage or carriage house, encrusted with paint and age, slightly crumbling, covered in wisteria.  I would most likely transform into a Southern Gothic writer overnight.    

Here are just a few of the places we visited that I know I'll return to:
  • The SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Store for gifts and craft ideas
  • Gallery Espresso for people watching and pastry
  • Bull Street for beauty 
  • Vinnie Van Go-Go's for pizza and more people watching
  • Forsythe Park for everything a city park should be
  • The waterfront for tacky tourist fun and free praline samples
  • The Clothing Warehouse for vintage cowboy boots
  • The Savannah Bee Company for tupelo honey!
  • 24 E for amazing furniture and design at fantastic prices
  • The Paris Market and Brocante for all my glittery addictions
  • Broughton Street itself for window shopping, coffee, and even more people watching
  • The Gryphon Tea Room--only peeked in, but will have tea there next time!  The building itself is as pretty as a tea cake.
At the Paris Market I scooped up grab bags of cheap but pretty beads and baubles for crafting.  I wanted to scoop up other things, too, like the vintage x-ray table, the giant carnival-light letters, the perfume originally concocted for Catherine de Medici, or the cafe table encrusted in oyster shells (actually, I think my friend Marlowe could whip one of these up in no time), but I was good. I kept in mind that we were flying home and shipping costs money, and we are trying to be thrifty. The beads and broken brooches were just enough sparkle to keep me smiling.  
My self control in Savannah meant that I could have fun the next day when Steve, Todd, and I went thrift-store shopping on Hilton Head.  Okay, so there may be twenty-nine golf courses on that eleven-mile island, but I think there are also at least that many charity shops.  I may be exaggerating slightly, but not much.  I also got to have some fun in my brother's amazing antiques shop, Damn Yankees.  More on Mark and Steve and their cat adventures very soon.

May 4th addendum: Mark and Steve's business has grown since last spring.  They now have an amazing auction house in Hardeeville, SC, too.  For more information, visit their website: Damn Yankees Auction House.

Here are a few friends I'm tagging to play along.  Please don't feel any pressure, but if you feel like joining in, that would be lovely.
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I could go on and on . . . I love my blogging friends!!!  If I haven't listed you here and you feel like joining in, please do.  xo


  1. oh how i love savannah...and it will forever be a favorite city as it was the last trip my mother and i took together.

    next time you visit, don't forget to go by 'back in the day' bakery.

  2. Makes me want to visit Savannah. (I've never been there!)

  3. Savannah is one of my favorite cities. It seems to call me back if I haven't been for a while. I've been to some of the places you mentioned!

    I'll see about playing along...it just may take a few days.


  4. Did someone mention moss?!
    you know how adore it...
    Heard so many good things about Savannah, must make it a point to visit one day Gigi!
    ps: Vinnie Van Go-Go that is one cute catchy name!!

    Thank you for including me in such a lovely company darlin'

  5. Hi Gigi,
    Sorry I've been absent lately, but I've had gremlins in my computer !!
    Savannah is somewhere that I haven't been and must go. It is on my list of places to visit. You have now made me want to visit there even more. XXXX

  6. Right - I say we meet at the Gryphon tea rooms ... I give Beaker free run of the golf courses (to his HEART'S content) and you and I hit the Paris market and all the other ones along the way. I've been late in reading your posts and am about to read the first one second now!

    I loved this one. I may just spend all night reading all the posts on your blog that I never saw in the beginning. LOVE this tag ;-)

    PS - I ADORE how you've broken the rules. I'm so trying to become a rebel myself!

  7. Savannah is my favorite city after Charleston, and your post reminds me why. I went there for 4-days in 2007, a week before I deployed, and it was the best vacation ever. Loved it! Thanks for sharing Ms. Gigi.

  8. Hi Gigi!...I could swear I left a comment here last night...but maybe I was too sleepy:)

    The comment I thought I left was that I hope to someday take a long road trip down the coast...would love to see Savannah as well as Charleston, and the outer banks etc etc...

    Thanks for tagging me:)...I'm still not sure if I will play along as all my early posts are about Christmas...I'm more in a spring mood:)...

  9. No problem, my friend! Oh, and you may have left a comment that didn't appear. I've been having some problems with Blogger for the last couple of days. It seems to be eating comments. Very strange . . .

  10. Oh fun, thank you! I've been slow blogging this crazy week, maybe this will snap me out of it.

  11. I love Savannah so much!! My brother lives there and the plan is to go for a visit again next spring break. Now, I'm off to discover my own fifth and tenth posts.

  12. * I want a tiny cottage or carriage house, encrusted with paint and age, slightly crumbling, covered in wisteria.*

    That is perfection.
    I'll have one too, please.


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