Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Poems for Your Sweetheart

I know that there are many people who adore Valentine's Day and all its lacy, chocolate-dipped, petal-strewn trimmings . . .
. . . and that there are probably just as many who abhor said trimmings . . . 
. . . and that there are still others who fall somewhere in between. 

I also know that one's feelings about this holiday tend to change with one's own romantic fortunes on a given February 14th.  There have been years when I swore myself forever an enemy of that cursed day, and other years when I swooned at the thought of twelve long stems.

For the past 18 years since I married my husband, I've appreciated the sweet gestures shared on this day, but no more, in truth, than those shared on any of the other 364 days of the year.  Still, a handmade card or a thoughtful trinket discovered on my breakfast plate on what here in Maine is inevitably a cold, grey, sleety~slushy day does much to warm my hopelessly romantic magpie heart.

It is in that spirit that I share with you links to a small sampling of some of my favorite love poems (in no particular order) . . . to excerpt, quote in full, use as you will--when you will--on Valentine's Day or any old day when you want to show a beautiful soul the fullness of your heart. 

Oh, and as a side note, a wonderful writing exercise is to take a favorite line or two from one of these poems and use it as inspiration to begin your own poem, just as Billy Collins does in "Litany," which you'll find among the others below. 

I could go on for ages with more of my favorites, but I would like to leave room for you to toss a few of your own into the comments.  Please feel free!


  1. I too prefer the sweet everyday sentiments and not just on this 14th day of February. The poems that you have listed are wonderful and ones that I have read on many occasions. Steff and I were in one of my fave very small independent bookstores today, reading some gorgeous words from Pablo Neruda. Happy days, sweet friend! xxoo

  2. Dearest Gigi,

    The 365 days are far more important than just the brief commercial high light of love. As for the poems, guess I'm tending more to the German, even more so than Dutch as that is our upbringing. German poetry is so lovely but of course not for the English speaking. Those things are hard to mingle with over two continents.

    Love to you and stay warm and cozy!


  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely poems. I can't wait to read through them.

    I guess I am one the "in the middle people" when it comes to Valentine's Day.

  4. Oh, what a LOVELY collection of poetry--thank you, Gigi! A little, tiny volume of poems I'm looking at currently is The Love Poems of James Laughlin. Very swoon-worhty, this volume! I've always liked Valentine's Day. A day to express love is one of the sweetest things. But I believe every day is love's holiday, or at least it can be in our hearts. :o) Sending you much LOVE this Valentine's Week, my friend ((HUGS))

  5. Thank you for those great poems Gigi. Another suggestion, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I Love thee? Let me count the ways."

  6. I am on my way to the beach and will be writing something From Blossoms. I did so enjoy that poem. Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. What a wonderful selection. Some old friends, and some fabulous new discoveries. Thank you so much.

  8. OH, such treasures! I had never read From Blossoms before and it made me catch my breath. Favorite poets of mine: Billy Collins, Naomi Shihab Nye, Billy Collins, Billy Collins...


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