Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

Because we all need some beauty on a Tuesday, here's a wee bit for you.
I'll be back tomorrow with giveaway news!  x Gigi


  1. Thanks...must be that kind of day. The Oscars inspired me to click on some Esperanza Spalding. mcr

  2. Awww... it's not loading. Still, I appreciate the thought :-) Have a lovely day xo

  3. Sorry it didn't load for you, Carole! It's loading for me, but if it doesn't load for anyone else let me know!

    Glad you liked it, Cathi!

    Now I need to click on some Esperanza Spalding, mcr! Thanks!

  4. I do love that song. And a giveaway? YAY!! Happy day, friend.

  5. I listen to Pandora at work...this song comes on about twice a day...it always makes me stop what I am doing and smile. I am so pleased that you shared this!


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