Sunday, April 12, 2009

Borscht & the Easter Bunny

The Polish Easter feast is the one my husband looks forward to more than any other holiday meal.  Each day this past week he has waxed rhapsodic in anticipation of the white borscht with horseradish, the babka, the eggs, and ham.  Healthy this meal is not, but it comes only once a year, so why not enjoy?  Today we were surrounded by laughter, abundant food, and much for which to be thankful.  What a wonderful way to celebrate renewal and hope.

Todd's mom fixed not one, not two, but three kinds of kielbasa.  Todd was a happy man.  

Todd's mom serving her amazing borscht.

Once the borscht is served, you stir into it either white or beet horseradish.  Here's a bowl with the ruby-red beet horseradish swirled in.  

The Easter Bunny is very funny.

Waiting . . . .
The hunt is on!

What a wonderful day.  Time now for Tums and a good night's sleep.

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