Sunday, April 5, 2009


What an inspiring weekend this has been.  Last night, Marlowe and I started working on some altered book projects.  Here's the book I'm transforming.  The title called to me.  Thank you, Mary Roberts Rinehart.

More on that as it progresses.  

Miss M. has a few magpie tendencies of her own.  Above are just a few of the bits and bobs we dug through in our quest to find items for the book projects.  She also has been making really pretty terraria.  I especially like the blurry, magical effect of looking at them from the side.
From above is lovely, too.

Here's a large one that Marlowe made next to a lamp that she covered with mosaic.  She also coated the lampshade with silk cap.  Her creativity knows no limits!  I've copied her silk cap method on lampshades in my house, and it is incredibly satisfying to do.  The box on the table is an old cigar box that I turned into a little crafting treasure chest for clever Marlowe. 

This morning, Todd and I hauled ourselves out of bed early (it wasn't easy) to hit the first Todd Farm (yes, of course, they named it after him) flea market of the year.   The air was a bit nippy, the wind was a bit icy, but the market was fantastic.  Other than a little incident when I bought a gorgeous metal tub with old, lacy painted flowers on it for five bucks, and then wandered off to a few other booths only to be chased after by a man who said, "Miss, that tub is already sold!  I need it back.  My sister sold it to you by mistake"--other than that little moment, it was a wonderful morning.    
Above are two handsome chaps.   Below is the morning's booty--mostly stuff for crafting or for storing crafty things, all bought for cheap, cheap, cheap.  That's my motto.  The big tin is wonderful.  This one nobody took back from me.  It's got two compartments and the outside is covered with strawberry wallpaper.  Todd bought a great old leather biker jacket--barely worn.  He always wore one when I first knew him back in the day, then one day he gave it away to some kid he worked with at a restaurant in Providence.  At last, with this new jacket, he is once again complete.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday! Thanks for checking out Apples and Butter. Hope you post that recipe for your crumbly lemon, olive oil, and corn meal cake sometime soon! It sounds delicious!


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