Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter, Happy Spring

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Todd's parents', which means we'll be treated to his mother's traditional Polish Easter feast of kielbasa, ham, boiled eggs, white borscht with horseradish (plain and beet), rye bread, babka, and countless vegetables.  Who knows what amazing desserts she'll have prepared?  Dinner there is never dull, and one never leaves the table hungry.  In addition to her dishes, everyone brings a plate or bowl or pan full of something delicious, too. Since I won't be with my mum this year, I thought I'd post what I'm making.  She'll be reading this post, and we always swap recipes and menus.  So, Mum, here's the spinach quiche I've made.  Lots of gruyere in there, and I tried a new crust recipe, so we'll see how it is tomorrow!

I've also baked a lemon and sour cream bundt cake with candied ginger.  It's actually a Martha Stewart recipe, and judging from how quickly Todd licked the batter spoon clean, I think it will be pretty good.  I didn't read the user comments on the recipe until after I'd baked it.  It turns out that most folks complained about what a mess this was to bake, how it stuck to the pan, and overflowed, and was a complete disaster.  Good thing I didn't read those comments before I tried making this.  It mixed together and baked like a dream.  I think the secret is having a really old and well-used bundt pan that you butter (with real butter, just like Julia Child) to death and flour lightly.  Todd did the buttering and flouring today; he's a pro.  Cooking spray just doesn't cut it on these dense, old-fashioned cakes.

For the kids, I've crocheted little "bird's nests" out of yarn scraps and filled them with goodies.

Behind the Earth-heart button, there's a pack of Hannah Montana trading cards for Maddy. Think she'll like them?  I have resisted eating that little raspberry caramel with the duck in bunny ears on it, but we'll see if it makes it to Easter morning.

Best wishes for a happy spring!  xo Gigi

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