Monday, April 6, 2009

A Girl Can Dream

Stayed up all night writing.  Edited my students' anthology all morning. Sipped lovely but unsatisfying herbal tea because I'm not supposed to drink coffee anymore.  My mind keeps sneaking back to last week when I had a cappuccino at Cafe Vittoria in Boston's North End.  I know, I'm bad.  Don't tell anyone.  Just look at its perfection. Who could resist such beauty?  


  1. I gave up coffee on weekdays not too long ago and I can't even stand to smell the stuff at work. If I do I'll be running across the street to our local coffee spot for a double capp in no time!

  2. It's torture, isn't it? Smell is such a visceral sense that it's hard to resist the scent of good coffee--or even bad coffee, for that matter.


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