Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harvard & Hollis

The weekend began with pink tulips and the promise of summer weather.

Friday afternoon we found ourselves in Cambridge
with Marlowe & David.

A peek in Colonial Drug was called for . . .

. . .as was some time spent lounging in front of Cafe Crema 
with the birds and the young couples in love.

Saturday was a lost day.  
As gorgeous as it was, I spent most of it inside 
working on a reading/talk I'm giving Monday.
I've been feeling under the weather, 
which is a pity on such a weekend as this,
so Todd dragged me out of bed today and off to the Hollis Flea!
The farmers were out plowing this morning, 
and the dealers were out dealing.  
Tons of great stuff at the market. 
 I bought a few vintage-y treasures, but here's a look at a few that I passed by:
My Memere always had a ceramic tree just like the green one 
on her kitchen table in Old Town, Maine.
A chorus of Kermits.
Fabulous barbells.
It was hot at the market today, 
but this mum and daughter made my heart melt even a little more.


  1. I love the pale pink tulips! Ah, spring.
    So glad Todd was able to get you out for a little gleaning!

  2. We will be thinking of you this evening, and wishing we were there...I know it will be wonderful, and we picked up a little something for you that we're putting in the mail today.

    Love you!
    Nancy and Jonathan

  3. Ha! I used to have a ceramic Christmas tree like that. I made it in 6th grade art class.

    And now I am so craving a Pinkie milkshake.


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