Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Secret Hideouts, Part II

This post is a little gift to Todd, my favorite person with whom to hide out.  I have a feeling that this space--which belongs to Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin, and can be found in Taschen's New Paris Interiors--is just the perfect hideout for him.  I just hope that if he has a hideout like this some day, he won't hang a sign on the door that says, "No Girls Allowed."  I might want to come in to borrow a book or two.


  1. Gigi, you can come in and borrow as many books as you'd like. And you can keep them as long as you'd like. But I hope you stay in the room for a while and hide out with me.--T

  2. Your Anonymous "T" commenter is a real catch - you two are a perfect pair!

    Love the hideout...and all of Taschen's books!

  3. what a hideout, I could sit there all day with no kids!

  4. Todd is so mushy in his comments. It is very sweet, since he's saying those things to you, but, he is my brother...haha. What a great hideout!! I want one! I've recently been thinking I could use a little hobbit hole with the cute round door, and this kind of remind me of it.

  5. Oh I remember the, no girls allowed signs. Too cute. We never listened anyway, did we?? lol

    Love this hideout!

  6. This is most definitely my dream hideout. Beautiful.

  7. Wow wow wow - all that space for books. That is our dream space, and one thing we've always talked of having when we play at designing our dream home.
    Luscious strawberries!
    Kim xx

  8. There's a NEW Taschen Paris Interiors? Oh my... The original is one of my favourite interiors books! Thanks for the tip off!

    Isn't this room to die for? There's nothing I don't like about it. It's perfect...

    Definitely want to hide out there!


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