Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love and the Art of Skipping Stones

The photo above is of Todd and our nephews skipping stones when the boys came for a visit this week.  I only took this one shot of the three of them throwing together.  We counted, 1, 2, 3!  They threw, I clicked, and this photo is the result.  I was amazed--and quite moved, actually--to see how synchronized they were.  Sometimes the deepest joy comes when one is performing the simplest acts, especially in solitude or with the people one truly loves.  


  1. Gigi,

    You have the photographer's eye and touch!

    Simple and solitude are two of my favorite words!


  2. Great moment captured Gigi...
    How do they do it, I've tried but failed miserably! ;)

  3. That's really beautiful Gigi, what memories we have and so nice to be able to capture one.

  4. Beautiful photo Gigi. It brought back a long forgotten memory of one of my uncles who could skim stones better than anyone I've ever seen and was in much demand amongst his nieces and nephews to demonstrate his wonderful talent every time we were at the beach. Thanks for the memory. Leigh

  5. Such fun...It is the little things that mean so much... A great moment. Thank you for sharing, Gigi :o) ((HUGS))

  6. Melissa: I love that simple and solitude are two of your favorite words. I love them, too! Thanks, my friend.
    Lenore: I can't skip a stone to save my life. Todd makes it look like breathing.
    DJA: You are too sweet. xo
    Leigh: I love your memory of your uncle! I think that will be one of the boys' memories of their Uncle Todd, too.
    Tracy: Thanks for stopping by and always making me smile.

  7. Thanks, Oliag! That's a big compliment coming from you since you are such a natural at capturing moments. xo Gigi

  8. can you imagine how this moment is going to stay forever in the hearts of your nephews ... and their wonderful aunt and uncle? it's these very moments of love that are what memories are made of ... and for you to have captured it so perfectly is just that much more heartwarming ...
    and simply mel was so right about simple and solitude ~ like handholding ... when one is skipping stones, it's just you and the stone and the water and the odd 'whoop' and 'did you see that one?' ...
    smiling quietly for you and yours,

  9. i have not done that in i don't even remember how many years. i remember we used to do that when we were kids. but then, that was many moons ago.

  10. Now that is a perfect capture. Really, time in a bottle. Well. Time in a microchip. But. That doesn't sound nearly as nice, does it?

  11. I have never been able to do this, and am jealous of people who can(but in a good way!)


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