Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Secret Treasures Revealed

I've been away for a few days, my friends.  Well, I've been here, but I've been writing and immersing myself in the work that needs to be done.  When I need a break from sentences, I go scavenging for treasures, as you've been seeing in recent posts.  A few weeks ago I bought an old, beat-up painter's box at a yard sale.  I own many of these boxes, and I use them to store art supplies, trinkets, bits and magpie-baubles.  This particular box I love.  It's spattered and smeared with paint--a well-loved, well-used box, just right for housing treasures:
a vintage-style postcard from the island,
wave-worn stones,
pieces of birch bark curling like parchment, 
tiny pine cones, dried Queen Anne's lace,

gull feathers, berries and greens,

dried lavender blossoms, white sea shells,
and the unseen but deeply felt scent of the sea.

Hope you're having a beautiful week.  
Thank you for inspiring me every single day.


  1. You and my McDreamy would get along beautifully! He LOVES old painter's boxes, or any old wooden boxes for that matter.

    I love all of nature's treasures you discovered!

  2. What beautiful treasures you have found and what a delightful box to keep them does make you wonder who owned it and what pictures they painted, doesn't it ?
    In case you are wondering why I haven't said anything about my giveaway yet, I haven't received it. We are having a bit of a postal strike here, so that's probably why. I will let you know as soon as I get it.Just didn't want you to think that I hadn't bothered to thank you. XXXX

  3. Mel: Why am I not surprised that your husband, the amazing painter, loves old painter's boxes!

    Jackie: Yes, I do wonder who owned it! Oh, and I had heard about the postal strike, so I figured it had been held up. Bummer! Hope it arrives soon. Good thing I didn't send you homemade brownies! xoxo

  4. A treasure chest indeed!
    Any idea who owned it??

  5. None! The fellow I bought it from had bought it used from someone else. He'd never used it himself so he decided to toss it in the tag sale. I LOVE objects like this. xo

  6. It's wonderful! I used to collect old trunks and had a wonderful one that was my grandmother's...i moved around alot, so I gave it to my sis. I still can enjoy it when I visit her. I love to go treasure hit the jackpot, Gigi! Have a wonderful evening on your fabulous island! :)

  7. What a pretty collection! glad you are able to take such peaceful walks to restore you on writing breaks. I hope you have had success with it this past month. :)

  8. Gigi, this box 'depicts' & celebrates our 5 senses! ...wonderful~

  9. Hiya honey, you are totally sweet with your cute treasure chests. You live up to your name, love what you find.

  10. It's like Christmas come early...what glorious treasures, Gigi! That old trunk is wonderful and love all the natural finds. Scavenging is such fun--one never knows what one will find. Thank you for sharing these treats with us... Happy Days writing and finding things... ((HUGS))

  11. Your painter's box full of little treasures looks like a beautiful work of art - a collage of gorgeous things from nature. Leigh

  12. What a great idea! Note to self: ask mum to save her old painters' boxes for me. never occurred to me before, but it's brilliant!

  13. You're doing well: my daughters constantly bring such found objects home, and to my shame in my tidying sprees I regard it as clutter. It's my loss, I'm sure.

  14. what great earthly it.

  15. How sumptuously delightful to see your collection of natural treasures- it's like a hope chest from the heart of the island. I just came across your blog and am RELISHING every morsel. I'm a painter living in the desert but once not too long ago I lived in New England, so feeling the crisp autumn air through your words and beautiful photographs brings me incalculable joy. Thank you.

  16. you must be making this charming box smile with all the beautiful magpie baubles (smiling) ... i especially love the dried queen anne's lace ... i find great beauty in 'past' flower blooms, almost as much as when they are fresh ...
    just imagine the artist who owned this box once and how pleased they were when it was new, filling it with their prized paints and brushes ... and then how loved it became with each use ...
    a precious patina of it's own ~ so lucky to now be with you!
    xo prairiegirl xo

  17. You, my friend, are an artist. Not that you would, but you could sign this box, add a price tag, and sell it for a small bundle. What an eye you have. For collecting treasures and for putting them together in an eye-pleasing manner. I do love this box. I've missed you, my friend. Hello.

    Today is the first time I've really been able to come out of my self-imposed/life-imposed blog hiatus. And, look how much I've missed. Anyway, you were one of my very first stops. I've missed you. And wondered what you've been up to. Hello.


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