Monday, September 7, 2009

A Week on the Island: Sailboats, Towers, and Tag Sales

We hit the tag sales on the island this weekend.  I found the vintage canning jars in the photo above for a couple of bucks, plus an old painter's box and another box that was handmade using part of the bottom on a boat.  Remind me to show you that one sometime soon!
We took the ferry over to the Old Port for supplies and fun.  
Todd had a lovely latte at Bard Coffe.
Dill loves sunrise.  Scout likes to sleep in.
The shorefront at the cottage is a mecca for tower builders.  
We have an ever-changing kingdom just outside our door.  
Sunset sails.
Even power lines achieve a certain poetry at sunset.
Stone tower silhouette.
Above is that same mason jar of flowers tonight after a simple supper of leftovers.  The pear next to the bananas in the bowl on the right is finally ripe.  Perfect for slicing, sprinkling with cracked pepper, and pairing (forgive the pun) with sharp cheese tomorrow.  A treat to look forward to.  Here's hoping you have a week of beauty and welcome surprises, my friends.   


  1. Gigi,

    I'm lost in my own reverie as I gaze at your new header! It is so stunning! As are all of your photos! You are living in paradise my friend, perfectly penumbra lit paradise!


  2. Wow! Gorgeous pics and such an amazing experience for you!! Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  3. The flowers in those jars look stunnin!

  4. Beautiful Bosc pears, sauteed in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar with chantilly cream, yumm but I want to try the cracked pepper and cheese to. Beautiful photo of the sailboat

  5. Thank you so much, Melissa! You're right, my friend. This place is pretty wonderful.
    Thanks to you, too, Cathi and Kellie!
    Kim, you have made me very hungry with your serving suggestion! Sounds perfect to me.
    xo Gigi

  6. What visual, sensual delights, Gigi! Those sails in the sunset are calling my name... And I'd just love to snuggle up next to sweet Dill and watch the sunrise...*sigh*...A scrumptious post in every way... and LOVE the new banner. :o) Happy week, Gigi ((HUGS))

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Your trip looks fun as well as nourishing for creativity.

  8. Mmmm peppers, pears and cheese!
    Your photos are amazing. xo

  9. i really like your blog. Your profile too. I can relate. Have a great Labour Day

  10. Had to show my boyfriend your new header. He's a beach native and is in love with the moon. He said oh, i love that picture before I could even tell him I wanted him to see it! ;)

    Still pining for those pancakes you had! xoxo

  11. The ever-changing magical landscape - just outside your window is enthralling.

    Happy week to you too!


  12. your blog is just lovely. it is filled with all things beautiful.

  13. I don't know where to begin. I love the turquoise of the jars, and will be on a quest for my own. I've never had pepper on a pear...and can't wait to try it. The reflection on the sailboat is perfect. What a treat to read this tonight.

  14. oh gee ... i just can't speak ... every image is incredibly beautiful ... the light there is so ... so ... full of warmth and exudes calm beyond ... well, words ...
    oh, you know ... i am just so happy for you two ... in your own little piece of paradise ... it is just so lovely that you capture it all so perfectly and share so freely ~

  15. The sun on the sailing boat is such a beautiful photo! Have a lovely week and enjoy this piece of heaven that you've found. Leigh

  16. The light in these photos is magical...the color of those sails! Beautiful photos Gigi!

    ...and now I'll be thinking of cracked pepper to go along with a nice ripe pear and some Stilton...yum!

  17. I found your beautiful blog through Prairie Girl Studio.
    Lovely photos ~~ especially "Sunset Sails"

    Have a wonderful evening!

  18. I love that photo with the cat in the window, really really great photo. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  19. Great pictures Gigi...making me smile even when I'm grumpy! Also, thanks for your lovely comment..I can never go to bed without a book either..I must try chamomile tea too :)

  20. These are gorgeous pictures! That latte really grabbed my attention this morning - I want one!!

  21. Hi, lovely post ! I really like your blog, thank you so much for sharing it ! Best wishes and lovely to meet you

  22. So lovely & peaceful...Love the stone/rock towers, reminded me of artist;Andy Goldworthy's works! xo*

  23. Oh my lord the sun on that sailboat is just stunning! Love the jars as well...everything looks some wonderful and tranquil and beautiful. Ah, the last days of summer.

  24. Do you know how much I love you for naming your cats Dill and Scout? Do you?

    OK. I'll go read the rest of the post now.

  25. Oh. Oh my. I am wishing, just wishing for that long weekend together. You know the one. Where we laugh till we shoot coke from our noses and eat way too much comfort food. Let's add flea-ing to the list.

    Happy weekend.


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