Friday, October 2, 2009


Before the frost--
one last reach,
one breath,
the air cold,
but still gold enough at its edges
to singe the senses.
Here on the cusp
we watch green burn to rust,
watch every last flower
reveal yet another 
gold, another promise

that from each ending a beginning will unfold.


  1. Interesting how we are experiencing the exact opposite! Gorgeous pics.

  2. Last night the wind was so cold!
    The Fall season is certainly here...
    Wonderful photos Gigi!

  3. Such a delicious thing to be seaside in October!

  4. Oh that was beautiful honey, from the first photo to the last. I especially loved the 4th last one.

    It must be so nice to spend time on the island, hope you are just loving it.

  5. Beautiful...the first picture - wow! I don't know much about poetry.... I am wondering: did you write this? I love it.

  6. Autumn is here too in Sussex but no frosts – just a coolness in the air – perfect.

  7. Your autumn song is delicious, Gigi! We are just turning gold here...everything is so crisp, goldend and sharp--love this time! Your photos capture the real essence of the season...breathtaking! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  8. Cathi: Thanks, my friend!
    Kellie: I actually thought about you and my other friends in Australia at one point when I wrote/laid out this post. It's so interesting to watch the seasons unfold in our different hemispheres.
    Lenore: Thank you, sweetie!
    Pamela: Indeed, it is.
    DJ Attic: That's one of my favorites, too.
    Littlebyrd: Thanks so much. Yes, I did write this.
    Gigibird: I love your blog name! Oh, I love Sussex. Would love to visit there right now!
    Tracy: You are so very sweet. Hope you have a lovely weekend, too!

    xoxo Gigi

  9. Gigi, this is beautiful! I need to get into the habit of starting my day here everyday, everything you write and post is just wonderful. Your poetry and photography is amazing!

    And by the way, you've been tagged! :)

  10. What a beautiful way to start the day. You are a bit ahead of us, we don't look much like fall yet...but, it is in the air.


  11. PPR: Thanks so much for being such a peach.
    Someone's Mom: We are having the prettiest (and so far mildest) fall I can remember in a long time. Such a joy!

    xo Gigi

  12. Gigi,

    I want to come and stay with you! Your days are filled with such incredible splendor, and it is obvious, you are endlessly inspired.

    Bon weekend to you my friend!

  13. Hop on a plane, Melissa! Then a quick ferry trip, and you'll be here. What fun we'll get up to! xo G

  14. A lovely October poem Gigi...with images to match...I love the Michaelmas asters at this time of year...Have a wonderful weekend:)

  15. Hi Gigi... I love these images and must say I am really enjoying our October right now too..the weather here is perfect...I am living slow and loving it :) Have a great week!

  16. oh my ... beautiful images ... each and every one ... and such a poignant depiction of the changing season ... isn't it remarkable how these lovely blooms remain brilliant while all around them takes on the season's change ... i particularly love the rustic foliage in front of the water ... and that bright orange of autumn behind the daisy ...
    your sharing of your time in this special place is endearing ...
    thank you so much ~
    prairiegirl xo

  17. I already knew you were a poet. But still. To read your poetry here. In such a way. With such beauty to accompany each line. Man! You make me swoon.


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