Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cabbages & Roses

Spring inspiration from Cabbages & Roses--  
nooks and rooms I could move right into.
I know what you're thinking:
staged & styled rooms?"

Well, yes I was.
What can I say?  
I'm fickle.

By the way, 
how come when I leave books in piles on the floor
it looks like a mess, 
but when they do
it looks chic?

For even more ideas, visit here.


  1. Love the style of Cabbage and Roses. I have wondered the same thing about the stacked books, mine just look like a mess.

  2. Maybe we need to artfully place them instead of just tossing them, Marilyn! :D

  3. Does it make any difference if said books pile up on top of night tables? ;-)

  4. Good question, Anyes. On my night table they tend to be mixed up with other random things like magazines, reading glasses, cough drops, hand cream, and tissues, so they still look a mess! :D I'll bet they're much more artfully arranged on yours.

  5. Hey Gigi, that very first image just stopped me. I love the whites and grays, and that floor! Gorgeous.
    and then the second one with the touches of lavender and of course the open window! It feels good to see these photos ... thanks

  6. No, no, your'e not fickle - you are capricious!
    lovely photos,

  7. I covet the bookshelves . . . but wouldn't it be just HEAVENLY to have an outside bedroom?

  8. Beautiful photos! I love Cabbage and Roses too. I am doing an outdoor room in my backyard this year and I can't wait until it's finished! xxoo :)

  9. Not only do my books look messy when stacked and make me look lazy, the Corgis would probably eat them when I wasn't looking. They like paper! But the scenes are lovely.

  10. Haha! My cat Scout eats paper, too! In fact, she tears up all my magazines and many of my books. Naughty Scout!

  11. I want to jump into the 3rd and 4th pictures!

  12. Gigi,
    I'd like to take an afternoon nap in that spring garden!Yup, watching cute gardener mending the garden of course(wink)
    ps: thanks for your kind words, I do understand!

    ~luv you*

  13. Ooo... I just love the Cabbages & Roses shabby chic style. I'll take one of each of all of this, please. ;o) And give me a pile of books, any which way... Happy Day, Gigi ((HUGS))

  14. i love all the rooms too...but so much white for the little boys in my house- someday in my old age i will revert to shabby chic girly things...and i wish i had all of those books!!!

  15. Beautiful rooms!!!! I love every single one.
    Wish that was my house ;).

    I agree: Why does everything look like a mess when I do it, and not when "they" do it? Hmmm...

    Hope you´ll have a wonderful week.


  16. I have so many books too!! And they are stacked everywhere. I'm not sure why they don't look chic for me either!

  17. Hi Gigi,

    I just discovered your blog... happy days! Its absolutely gorgeous and I'm so pleased to be your newest follower! I adore that top image so much - a classic colour combo.

    Angela x

  18. Ok reality check here. NO ONES home looks like these pictures. It's amazing how much 'fantasy photography' draws us in. Hey, I'm with you guys. I would love to have one or all of these rooms in my house. But to have them I'd have to kick out the husband, the dog, and the cat, hire two maids, four interior decorators, a gardener, and a pool boy (ok, maybe the pool boy would just be for eye candy....). I guess I'll just have to keep the pets and the spouse and the piles of books overflowing next to my bed, and the dust bunny under every surface and just enjoy the perfect house porn Gigi dangles in front of us every once in a while. *heavy sigh*

  19. I love your posts so I nominated you as one of my 15 favourite blogs. You can see more about it at my blog www.cassmob.wordpress.com. However as the "requirement" to nominate another 15 bloggers is onerous I don't expect you will necessarily want to do this. I just wanted to share your great site with others. Pauleen

  20. They are lovely, relaxing photos. Hadn't heard of Cabbages & Roses until now. Very nice. Already found a dress in there. :) ~ xox Alexandra

  21. Beautiful! & adore that title.. Cabbages & Roses.

    Please vote for me on Monday on Facebook & Twitter, as I'm a finalist for the blogger HomeAway BlogAway to win a trip to the Royal Wedding!!




  22. Pretty sweet...
    I think the framing is key...For the messy books looking good.

  23. Maybe we think ours look like a mess and theirs don't because it's not in our own home. I tried artistically stacking paintings against the wall on the floor … no matter how I rearranged them, it just looked like I had too many paintings to hang. I have to go back and read your post on staged rooms now. It's one of the reasons I stopped buying home decorating mags :)

    Much love to you Gigi - I do so miss you. In fact. I wanted to pick up the phone and call you the other day!

  24. Hi, Gigi,

    I love the photos -- don't we all dream of the perfect library, a comfortable chair, and all the time in the world to spend there? I also enjoyed your comment about being fickle -- it immediately called to mind Emerson's remark about foolish consistency. I taught a class on Emerson earlier this week and kept hoping the students would see how much freedom he encourages us to claim. So for the month of April, I think we should embrace foolish inconsistency -- think of the fun that could be!

  25. Oh wow. To have a space like that...I think I will be dreaming of it until I am an old lady. It's funny..I know what I love when I see it, but if I had to start from scratch and put together a space like that, I would have no idea where to begin! But I will keep dreaming.


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