Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love and Other Magic Spells

Warm thanks to friends who've sent well wishes
via comments, emails, and smoke signals
about the new blog, The Magpie's Pen.

I'm having a grand time over there,
concocting thoughts and prompts
and other sorts of inspiration
for all my writerly friends.

And The Magpie's Fancy
will stay put right
here. In fact,
I've got a
bit of


  1. aw, a wonderful song and video to start my day; i love this song! i hope you have a wonderful weekend, magpie!

  2. Thanks, Miss Lamp! Love you.

  3. love the video! Even more I loved the way your words traveled down the page. Sunshine is wished for your weekend.

  4. Oh, what fun here! Did you have a sip (or guzzle) of whatever's in that goblet of a poem? And the music video's a perfect accompaniment. Cheers!

  5. oh this is news to me! i'll pop over and join you

    LOVE Flo Welch

    The album is sultry and amazing

    Full of VIGOUR!!!!


  6. Thank you for the love & fun, Gigi! :o) ((HUGS))

  7. Love the video, Gigi....congrats on your new blog, will head over and check it out. I have been outdoors enjoying our sunshine all weekend, loving it! Much love to you! xxoo :)

  8. i love the title of this post because i've been wrapped up in magical writing this weekend with allen and hoffman.

    love that video

  9. Isn't that video so wonderfully strange? You watch it and think that Florence is truly a witch and goddess (and in touch with her imagination). Funny coincidence that you've posted it, because I've had Lungs on repeat all this week. I also love Drumming Song and Cosmic Love; for some reason, I find that album really easy to write by/with.

    I wanted to tell you that I met Henrietta Garnett on Sunday! Please tell your husband. Reading Frances Partridge's biography now . . . I feel a major Bloomsbury reading jag coming on.


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