Friday, March 25, 2011

The Fairy Village of Mackworth Island

To find it you must travel toward the far side of the island 
where the trees grow denser, casting long shadows across your path.

The fairies of Mackworth like the shelter of towering trees, 
but they also love clearings where the sun shines golden--

--all the better for seeking and finding building supplies for the village.

The most elegant homes are deeper in the forest, 

where the fairies have lived for generations.

But closer to the water's edge, young fairies 
have tossed up McMansions
twice the size of their parents' well-built abodes.

Some are cute, but shoddily built;

others use age-old techniques,
built to weather the island's storms.

While most fairies prefer homes on the ground, 
some have built penthouses 
with glorious ocean views,

or sweet efficiencies

with room for just one or two.

They don't mind if we visit,
but they'll roll out a glittering carpet of frost for our departure,
always anxious to see the back of humans,
who, though well meaning,
are rather bumbling
and not quite clever enough
to understand the plans and schemes
and dreams of the Mackworth fairy folk. 


  1. oh, you have swept me back in time to when my sisters and i spent hours in the grove behind my grandparent's house, building fairy houses and then going back and checking on them in the days and weeks ahead to see if the fairies had visited. i can smell the pine needles and see the little leaf-bed gently rumpled from fairy sleep! lovely photos.

  2. beautiful images my friend, i feel like i am there & feel warm just looking at your images.

    hope you are smiling, sending you hugs ♥

  3. I love this fairy village and certainly would love to meet them someday. How special to come upon their homes. I send thanks to the fairies for letting you photograph there. Now please tell them someday to come out and play. I would love to dance in the sunlight with them.

  4. Oh, Marilyn, that would be such a delight that I would join the lot of you. Thanks for the lovely stroll, Gigi.

  5. Beautiful, I love the fairy village. just the scenery is gorgeous, would love to be walking out there. smiles.

  6. Hey Gigi, thanks for the trip to this magical place!
    Beautiful photos and clever words, such fun!

  7. A beautiful stroll on a lovely sunny Saturday morning. Thank you so much!

  8. can i go here with you? it looks perfect!

  9. Thanks, friends! Yes, Ms. Lamp, we'll have to go there on a fairy pilgrimage the next time you visit! If you guys come in the summer and bring bikes, we could ride there!!!

  10. I forgot to mention that the island is connected to land by a bridge. :)

  11. Oooh - I love fairies. I have some living in the bottom of our garden. I'm a little envious of the houses your fairies make though. I must get an Ipad and leave it in the shelter of an oak for a few hours. Maybe we can get my fairies up to date with electronic learning ;-)

  12. Magical and fun - a great combination!

  13. Your words and photos completely transported me to another time and place. Magical. Thank you ♥

  14. Hauntingly beautiful 'architecture' Gigi!

  15. oh my!!! what beautiful tiny abodes. i can see the fairies now dressed in winter coats of velvet and maple leaves

  16. What lovely, lovely whimsy.
    I would like a get-away in that "efficiency" for one.

  17. Gigi ~

    I'm leaving this post up until morning so that I can read it to Gaia....she is fairy obsessed. Such a magical story and images.


  18. This is just wonderful! I smiled all the way through this magical post. What a beautiful creative soul you are, sweet Gigi.


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