Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde!

Lucky me, I share my birthday with Oscar Wilde, who turns 155 today.  While I am slightly younger, I wish there were some magical way I could have met him. When I am asked the famous question about the three people with whom I would most like to share dinner, Oscar Wilde is always at the very top of my list.  

"Thirty-five is a very attractive age; 
London society is full of women who have of their own free choice 
remained thirty-five for years."
~Oscar Wilde

Happy weekend, my friends!  Thanks so much for visiting this week.

P.S.  MFK Fisher is second on my dinner list.  The third choice changes depending on my mood.  Today it would be Charlotte Bronte.  Now that would be a birthday dinner to remember.  Think I could get Mary Frances to cook for us?


  1. Happy Birthday, Dear Gigi...I wish I was there to bake you some magnificent confection (to the best of my ability, that is). Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love you,

  2. Happy Birthday, Gigi! I wish I'd know before, I'd have sent you a card or something. :o) Oscar Wilde, I'd love to have met him too...can you image the fun?! I'd love to have met May Sarton--I could use her advice on poetry and gardening! So many great minds I'd like to to have met... Wishing you a beautiful day, Gigi--make a wish, and enjoy! :o) ((HUGS))

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day planned and a few surprises come your way.


  4. Well Happy Birthday Gigi (and Oscar Wilde)!

  5. oh! the stars aligned perfectly for this day ... just for you gorgeous gigi!
    it is so cool that your share your day with oscar ~ such a colourful character ...
    and i promise not to 'taunt you a second time' as you celebrate this special day ... and may you find 'the meaning of life' brining you more joy each and every time ...
    warm wishes for a happy birthday and much love ....
    seated next to you at the round table,
    prairiegirl xoxo

  6. Happy happy birthday, wonderful Gigi...I hope you have an awesome day! Very cool that you share your day with Oscar Wilde....! thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog, they always touch me and make my day! Happy weekend, make it a long celebration!

  7. Nancy: Wish you were here. While I would LOVE any confection you baked, just having your company would make this the perfect birthday. Oh, and Todd and I were talking recently about the Thanksgiving in Bloomington when the four of us made dinner together and ate so much we ended up taking TUMS and lying on the floor. For me, the culprits were those divine rolls of yours that you dipped in butter before you baked them. I think I ate five. Sigh.

    Tracy: May Sarton is a fabulous choice! You know, I have a cool May Sarton story. After Sarton died, my mother, who is an antiques dealer, went to the auction where they sold off her estate. She bought several items to sell, but she saved a few for me. She gave me a beautiful grey bowl, a wool blanket, and--best of all--a few boxes of May Sarton's Christmas ornaments. So now, every Christmas, I get to include some of her ornaments on my tree. What a truly thoughtful gift.

    Sue & m.heart: Thank you both so much!

    Prairiegirl: Hee hee! Ah, another birthday--'tis but a scratch! Thanks for your sweet wishes!

  8. Thanks, lovely Cathi! I plan to stretch it out all weekend, if I can.

  9. Thanks for stopping by peacelovesweater and for your nice comment. You have a beautiful blog and an even better way with words! Have a very happy birthday!

  10. What a great person to share a birthday with! And I agree, MFK Fisher would always be on my dinner list...I'd have Ruth Reichl sitting right beside her, too.

  11. Happy Birthday, Gigi!!! (There is a birtday gift for you waiting on my blog....!)
    Have a wonderful day!

    Are you having snow on your birthday?

  12. Indeed, and of course Oscar Wilde's work emphasises the importance of having a large handbag. How ahead of his time he was.

    Happy birthday!

  13. I'm so glad to have a chance to wish you a very happy birthday Gigi!...May your year be full of wonders:)

    Oscar Wilde would be a wonderful dinner guest...I share a birthday with Frank Sinatra and although I might not want to socialize with him he could serenade at the party:)


  14. Happy Birthday, Gigi. You've always been on my dinner guest list. Have a wonderful day.

  15. Catherine: Thank you! Have I told you yet how much I like the name of your blog?

    Wanderer's Daughter: Oh, yes, I love Ruth Reichl. In fact, my husband bought me her new book, Not Becoming My Mother, for my birthday and I'm reading it this afternoon. Short, but pretty wonderful stuff.

    Cate: I love my Max/Gigi birthday surprise! You are the sweetest.

    Mise: Ahead, indeed.

    Oliag: I agree that it would be great to have Frank croon at the dinner.

    Jonathan: It's a given that you will always be on my guest list. Thank you!!

  16. Happy Birthday Dearest Gigi!
    Of course you share your special day with one of the all-time greats - I wouldn't expect anything less from you and your amazing self!
    Wishing you an entire weekend filled with everything you love most....
    Here's to many, many more WONDERFUL years of happiness, love, and blissful inspiration!

  17. Happy birthday darling Gigi!

    A little birthday limerick for you:

    Oscar Wilde was thirty-five
    when he finally learned to drive.
    Charlotte B. made madeleines
    When sister Emmy turned nineteen.
    Mary Fisher was quite taken
    with the art of birthday caken.
    So in the literary theme
    of birthday cakes and cold ice cream
    I hope this merry autumn eve
    fills you up with joie de vivre!


  18. Melissa: Mwah! Sending you a big kiss.

    Jen: Thank you, sweetie. Miss you . . .

    Lily: You are a riot! I am touched by your birthday verse.


  19. Oh, I wish you a most happy birthday! Both you and Oscar. It's a lovely month to have a birthday, isn't it? My husband asked me to marry him on the 18th and we always go back for a picnic at the mountain lake where it happened. A beautiful month to celebrate!

    I share a birthday with Billie Holiday. I just love that.

  20. Happy Birthday Gigi!
    Cheers to a wonderful & creative life darling!!
    ~xo+much blessings coming your way...

    Oscar Wilde is the wittiest I must say.
    I'm off to bed now; nightie night!

  21. Many happy returns, Gigi and I wish you a lovely day. You should have told us earlier and I could have sent you a card. I love Oscar too, not only his work but his sense of fashion... I love his 'dandy' look.
    I wish you a wonderful day and don't eat too much cake. With much love, XXXX

  22. Gigi,

    Missed this post somehow, and I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday dear Gigi!

    Thank you so much for your special posts and for your faithful following and comments on my blog. I wished for you at Marianne's gig in Big Sur, and thought of you as I wrote the post.


    P.S. Have you seen OW's monument at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris?

  23. Happy Birthday! What a great person to share it with. Hope your having a great birthday weekend!

  24. Hello my darling.

    My best warmest wishes for your birthday, hope you had a dreamy day.

    Mr Wilde is so intriguing, I'd love to have dinner with him too.

    Thank you for your comments this week and I do hope your having a lovely weekend.


  25. Pamela: I love that you two picnic in the spot where he proposed. Now that's romantic!

    Lenore: Thank you, sweetheart!

    Jackie: I love his dandy look, too. Oh, and it's too late; I did eat too much cake!

    Marjorie: I am very touched by your comment! And, no, I've never been to Pere Lachaise (want to go very much), but I've seen photos of the kisses all over Oscar's stone. I think he would love it.

    Rachel: Thanks, sweetie!

    DJA: Thank you, and it is a pleasure to leave comments on your gorgeous, gorgeous blog.


  26. What a truly lovely painting and the poem is beautiful. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could now find you. I'll post the birdsnest cookie recipe in a day or so - I'm going to make another batch and take more photos. They are delicious. It looks like you had the best day with your neices and nephews. Those are the days to cherish.

  27. How did I miss this? Happy Belated Birthday Gigi! This is such a sweet post- two wonderful birthdays shared.

  28. you know i send you love and hugs for this day!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Dear Gigi!!!

    Sorry I was a couple days behind. Funny thing, your blog was the first one I tried to check on Wednesday while traveling on my iPhone. Think I tried leaving a comment, got frustrated it didn't work, then shut off safari on the net and didn't look at it until later, not sure if the comment went through. Anyway hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend! Lots of love. :)

  30. Thanks, sweet friends, for all the birthday love!!!

  31. Gigi! Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you had a lovely birthday was my husband's birthday last week too! Another Libra eh? I love Libras!!

  32. Oh! This is the first time I am visiting and I happened to come by on your birthday! Well, I'm three days late, but I hope it was wonderful. I hope you are still celebrating...birthdays are best when you can stretch out the goodness for at least a week *wink*
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I think I am going to stay for a bit and look around...your blog is lovely.

    So nice to meet you :)

  33. we are a little late .... but we hope you had a lovely birthday gigi.

    sammy & glenn

  34. It's late, but I mean it. Happy, happy birthday!!


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