Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Sacred and the Profane

Would you like to follow me on a journey 
into The Festival of the Sacred and the Profane?
It's just over there on the other side of the marsh
in that old World War II bunker.
Let's hike in to take a look.
No one advertises the festival.
There are no posters or fliers.  
It just appears each year 
on one day in October,
and so you find yourself there
among the graffiti and mud. 
And you ask yourself, 
"Where have I seen this bike before?"
To attend this festival, 
you've really got to want it.
But once we arrive, there's crowds and warm food
and aliens to show us the way.
Let's go inside.
We've entered a sort of subterranean Moulin Rouge
full of wonderful characters
and neon umbrellas to light the way
if not to keep us dry.
There's sex

and strange music pulsing through the near total darkness.
Stick close to me so you don't get lost in the chambers.
I thought I saw Todd pass by,
or maybe I just dreamed it.
You don't know who or what you'll meet,
or how they will greet you,
or when you'll find your way back out to the light.
The Festival of the Sacred and the Profane is an annual tradition on Peaks Island, and I was thrilled that we were able to attend it today.  As you could tell from the photos, it was pouring rain, but that didn't stop anyone from going.  It's a strange blend of heartwarming community (think Steampunk Saturday bean supper) and very dark, often edgy or eerie art installations and performances--a complete blast.  


  1. I would love this!!! thank you for sharing xo

  2. your photos are amazing... this looks wonderful... x pam

  3. Gigi,
    I love the image of your feet in white boots/shoes, and the one of the people traipsing through the 'creek' - look at the colors in that photo! Wow!
    What a fun tradition!

  4. Oh the third one with the white coat had me thinking!

    Looks fabulous, great that you could get some photos and share.

    Amazing that it just happens with no fanfare, great!

  5. Wow. I'd love to have gone to that.
    Edward, not so much.

  6. That sounds like alot of fun....!! Great photos, Gigi!!

  7. Wow, Gigi.
    What an interesting festival...arty and mysterious, and your photographs are brilliant, The ones inside are so atmospheric. I think that you have captured the atmosphere beautifully. XXXX

  8. Love the aliens diligently pointing the way. Your photos are brilliant - you've really captured the atmosphere of the day. Leigh

  9. This looks like SO much fun Gigi!...I would love to go to something like this... Your photo essay of the event is great...the out of focus inside shots give a sense of the mysterious and magical that I imagine to have been present. My favorite shot is the fifth... when first scrolling down this is what I thought you were refering to as the sacred and the profane...graffiti vs pastoral...

    As you probably know RI has many of these old bunkers...wish someone would come up with a neat festival like this to take place in them!

  10. Wow-nothing like that around here. It looks fun, and strange. I loved the pictures. One of the best things about blogging is seeing places and events I would never know about. Thank you.


  11. Gotta love the aliens & the pose...Looks very other worldly indeed...surreal!
    Enjoyed some of the abstract photography here Gigi!! ~xo*

  12. This happens on an island in Maine??? Incredible! I would love to see it. Great photos!

  13. i love the mood of these photos. this looks like a wonderful time.

  14. Wow - great images! I like how you talked us thro them...felt I was there!

  15. Such fabulous pictures - all so interesting!!! x

  16. Loved this magical mystery-like tour, Gigi! I love the rather psychedelic images--such fun! Those aliens look like they're holding a yoga pose as well as showing the way--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  17. wow, these pictures are really beautiful.

  18. Hi Gigi, your little island paradise seems to be a very groovy place. Looks like it was a blast ! What a fun post. Thank you.

  19. Wow - that's fantastic!
    Steampunk beans indeed.

  20. freakin fabulous! that's the 'sick' bike from portland, isn't it! did someone ride it over on the ferry?
    anyways, this festival looks sensational and i mean that literally ... a festival for all your senses!
    you are so lucky to have been there ~ another great memory of your island ... thanks for taking us along!
    prairiegirl xo

  21. I love that you went to this and enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed the peeks, too.


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