Monday, October 5, 2009


Late yesterday afternoon, I took a break from writing to go for a walk.  The monarchs must be in full preparation mode for their migration to Mexico because they were everywhere, drawn singlemindedly, almost drunkenly, to the asters that lace the ocean roadside.  Later, as I headed back west towards home, I was greeted by a sunset that made 1970's soft-rock album colors look understated:
And then this morning, the sunrise was equally magnificent. 
As the morning continued, we were visited by a northern mockingbird who let me come as close as I wished to photograph him.  The black-capped chickadees wanted nothing to do with me, understandably, as I am a great hulking beast in comparison to their tiny frames, but the mockingbird posed for a very long time while I snapped frame after frame. 
All afternoon in between errands and reading a book for a class that I'll be teaching in the spring, my mind wandered back to 

the bird, 

the sun,

and the butterfly.  

As I worked, they wove into my thoughts and new ideas began to form for poems and other schemes.  This, I thought, is inspiration.  It's being aware and open and perceptive; it's working--every day--at one's craft; it's never waiting for the muse, but seeking her at every turn.

And when I began to type this post (please believe me when I say this, because it is exactly what happened),

I happened to glance out my front window, and this is what I saw:

Not one, but two rainbows.

All this thinking about inspiration has made me decide to write a series of posts this week about some of the people and things that are inspiring me most right now.  I can't wait to tell you more!  

Also, I'd love to hear from you: what provides you with inspiration?  To whom do you look for ideas or the spark to set your imagination in motion?


  1. Wow for the double rainbows!
    I have yet to capture rainbow in a day hopefully!
    To answer your question; I watched 60mins on TV last night & it showed the fascinating migration of the wilder beasts in I decided on my 'animal posts' for this week! I get inspired easily, but sad to say I have attention span of a 4 year old! as usual lack of focus errr??? Anyway, looking forward to read more of your inspirations for this week Gigi! ~xo*

  2. You captured it beautifully!! You're lucky you were able to enjoy it... I had to try and snap mine 2 weeks ago with my iPhone driving down the highway. Shh! Do not try at home. I saw another rainbow of the ocean today too while driving home from work. Aren't the magnificant?! Your mocking bird is a doll too!

  3. Natures beauty is by far my favorite source of inspiration. You have really had quite a few days of amazing captures. I can see why you would be so inspired!

  4. with so much beauty surrounding you, i can imagine you are brimming with creativity.

  5. i added a new banner to my blog. i think they may be the same flowers/seed heads that are in your banner photo. oh, this is love.

  6. Had I been there, I would have been one with the butterflies. This time of year, like them, I am also attracted to roadside asters.


  7. Beautiful rainbow picture, and that one of the mockingbird is so sweet. I think the top one of the monarch is dreamy as well, the lighting is ethereal! Such beautiful pictures, but then again, what was I expecting here? Nothing less, that's for sure!

    My inspiration for crafting comes from the blogosphere a lot, seeing what others make and then trying to take it in a new direction. For product design I try to see needs, and find solutions. I keep a journal on me to write down ideas, especially for when I get frustrated with a poorly designed product. :)

    Hope you have a great island week!

  8. Wow...amazing...Women, like you are my inspiration, books are my inspiration, my kids and my loved ones are my inspiration. I want to live on this earth as the best me I can be, and that inspires me to always try to do better in all aspects of my life. Great question and post idea..I can't wait to read your wonderful words!

  9. Well you do, I love how you write and observe. I'm no writer, I've always been into visual expression, so I really appreciate writing skills in others.

    I just adore the sunset picture, and the mocking bird is so sweet with his cute expression and fluffy body.

    This is such a lovely time in your life, a great experience.

  10. Magic... these photos are pure magic, Gigi! This island of yours is a wonder of natural beauty....How lucky we are you get to share it with us. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  11. First of all, Gigi, what beautiful photographs ... you are so lucky to live where you do. Secondly, the people who inspire me are my friends and felow bloggers. Their creativity inspires me to go and do creative things..... and thirdly. I have missed a few of your posts, as I've been having trouble getting in to some blogs, so I hope that you don't think that I have deserted you !!!!
    Also, have a look at my's about your giveaway that I won !!!! XXXX

  12. Well, I can safely say that this whole post was an inspiration to me!

  13. Nice post and great shots! I believe inspiration is all around us, everyday. All we have to do is be open and receive it.

  14. Aw, the life you lead...such beauty around you. I am inspired by nature, by visiting new places, by music and sometimes by sadness. I never know for sure, but I find I'm inspired most when I'm not seeking inspiration.


  15. Gigi,

    Hands-down, you inspire me! Your posts inspire me! Your images inspire me! Your words light a fire inside me! I am in awe of you and your beautiful life...and it makes me so happy to see how you enjoy every moment of your day (EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!).

    This particular line really struck me "it's never waiting for the muse, but seeking her at every turn". Love this!

    Happy day to you my friend!

    P.S. I'm on pins and needles in anticipation of what you will share next....

  16. Hi Gigi,
    Funny to have gone to visit my friend Jackie in the UK to have found you back here in N.E.!! I live in Ct. I love this post...It's like we were taking pictures of the same sunset on the same night. I haven't posted mine yet.
    Anyways it's great to meet you!
    Don't you just love Jackie?

  17. The double rainbow and salt spray rosehips- you've just enveloped us all in a Fair Isle blanket and transported us to your magical world. I must say that coming across your blog has been quite an inspiration, but besides that...I live in the Mojave Desert and am doing a series of paintings inspired by the thousands of abandoned homestead shacks here. I just posted some photos of them if you're interested in taking a gander:

  18. YOU are an inspiration, lovely girlfriend. Miss you.

  19. Isn't it wonderful to be able to take the time to look at all these wonderful things that surround us. I love the butterfly - when I was child in the country these beautiful creatures were in great abundance but sadly seem to have disappeared! Leigh

  20. i missed you so much that i was determined not to miss a single one of your posts in the last two weeks, and much to my glee and satisfaction i have delightfully spent a little time this evening with you my friend, gigi ... going back and visiting and catching up ... thank you!
    a double pot of gold ~ extra luck for you ... every inch of your island oozes inspiration ~ what an incredible place for you to be.
    for me? inspiration comes from remarkable friends like you ... and most definitely the gifts of nature that god gives us every day ...
    blessed beyond belief,
    prairiegirl xo xo

  21. Lovely post and stunning images...I really like the picture of the Mockingbird...we don't have them over here (I think!?) :)

  22. I just found your blog - by way of Christina.
    It's lovely.
    I went to UMass Lowell too.
    Small world!

  23. As I was driving north to Newburyport on Monday I drove through a torrential rainstorm while it was still sunny the entire time. I could have easily gotten into an accident as I was rubber-necking through all the windows searching for the rainbow that I knew had to be out there...this time I didn't find it but now I know where it was:)...What a wonderful and inspiring thing to have seen and captured...nevermind all those gorgeous Monarchs...

  24. im always surprised at where i find inspiration - sometimes its a pattern in the concrete sidewalk, or the way shadows create their own rythm

  25. This is a beautiful collection of inspiration photos.

  26. More and more my inspiration comes from bloggers. Especially bloggers who are my friends. I also get lots of visual inspiration from Flickr. And, of course, books. Always books. And, just looking. And listening. My daughter always inspires me. And my students. I could go on and on.

  27. Oh my goodness Gigi...I am so loving you and your beautiful beautiful blog. I am so glad I came by this morning. And I will return again and again to see what loveliness you have brought and shared.
    I feel so inspired.
    Thank you


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