Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whimsy, Beauty, and Friendship

My last post was about hope.  This one is about what to hold onto when hope is nowhere to be found.  It's an important act, holding on.  There are moments when it would be easier to despair, but in the face of those moments, I look to poems or brownies or Moonstruck or whatever it takes.  Sometimes a smile from a stranger can be enough to carry me from one moment to the next.  Sometimes a pink bicycle will do it.  This post is for anyone who needs to hold on right now.  I'm right here with you.  I'll stand up and pedal.  You can ride on the seat, just like when we were kids.

A few things that made me smile or brought me joy this week:  a tenacious October rose;

a gold-leafed pig in the window at Abacus ;

a stained- and found-glass butterfly in a window made by Laura Fuller ;

a butterfly among the last of the wildflowers on the shore of the island;

a silvered pumpkin on the doorstep at Willa Wirth ;

a box of treasures from my friend Marlowe, including loads of vintage goodies, crafting supplies, and the sweetest pair of fingerless gloves made by her mum.  As lovely Christina would say, "bliss."

Special thanks to Tracy for her inspiring post.


  1. Such wonderful photos and story, Gigi...just lovely! I will ride on that pink bike with you anyday....love it! And all your treasures are just priceless! Have a day filled with smiles, Gigi! XXOO

  2. Oh honey, you're the best. You can pedal then I will ... deal! I adore the pink bike btw.

    Just love your uplifting photo's, they really do put a smile on one's face.

    peace and love DJ

  3. such a lovely post and exactly what we needed today, thanks gigi.

  4. I want that sweet little pig - he's gorgeous. Leigh

  5. Gigi, I will hold onto the beauty or your photographs when I am in the thick of my week with no sight of time for myself.
    Kisses, my sweet friend.

  6. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Gigi.....and love all of the wonderful photographs to go with it....with love and hope. XXXX

  7. Hi, Gigi! Many thanks for this heartfelt, uplifting post. Sometimes just holding on, hanging in there can be the best gift we can give to ourselves or others. Giving up seems easiest sometimes, the relief to do so is tempting. To wait and see how it goes can transform a situation. Thank you so much for the sweet special mention here. I am so glad my little post gave you inspiration, and maybe hope. :o) I'm dealing with some physical pain just now...but riding that happy pink bicycle along with you... Let's hang in there! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, and just love that delicious collection of treats you received--such cheeful, beautiful goodies. :o)

  8. What a lovely thoughtful post Gigi. I feel as though I have been given a gift. You are dear.
    Thanks for pedaling-I wanted to sit this one out.

  9. Yes, that's about where I'm at — not up to peddling but still holding on! And it is very much about getting from moment to moment, which makes every moment important, as you've so eloquently shown here.

  10. Lovely post! I think in one way or other, we can all benefit by your kind words. I've been going through this with my boyfriend and his job affecting his health. He gave notice today. Your post totally applies, I've had a mix of hope, but it may be to the point of holding on. Thanks so much Gigi. Btw, those are all remarkable finds. Love the pig and mittens, and the visual of riding alongside on the bike, brings flashbacks of childhood. :) Have a lovely day!

  11. Beautiful post, and wonderful photos.
    Thank you , for sharing those positive things, that made you happy this week. It made me smile.

    Have a lovely day.

  12. Gigi, I'll pedal YOU around town any old time. Thanks for the sweet note- and my, is that picture of your October rose marvelous. I sense perhaps there's a bit of an autumnal unraveling happening around you but that you are keeping afloat- sending you much love and positive thinking from the desert.

    My sister's name is Hope, by the way. We call her Hopie. The word HOPE, inscribed above an anchor, is the motto for the town of Providence, RI. Thought you'd appreciate both those facts.


  13. Cathi: Thank you, sweet woman! You are one of the people who gives me hope.

    DJA: Can't wait to ride the bike with you! I know we'll have a blast.

    Sammy and Glenn: I'm glad. You guys rock.

    Leigh: Isn't he perfect?

    Marlowe: Sending kisses right back to you!!!

    Jackie: Every post you do inspires me. Truly.

    Tracy: Thank you so much, sweet friend.

    Debra: I'll be happy to pedal for as long as you need me to.

    m.heart: You are one of the people I thought of as I wrote this post. Hope you can find some moments of joy and comfort during this tough time.

    Colette: Glad to hear he gave his notice. Hope you both are doing well. Big hugs.

    Luiza: Thanks, sweet friend. Your own posts are always so beautiful.

    Lily: Can't tell you how much I appreciate your good wishes. I love that your sister's name is Hope! Have I told you that I used to live in Providence? In fact, one of the things I loved about that place was that the city itself and the streets had such wonderful, uplifting names: Hope, Benefit, Benevolent, etc.


  14. AS you said, a smile from a stranger can sometimes work miracles. I love when a single small thing can turn your outlook around in a heartbeat.

  15. Dear Friend,

    Your posts are always filled with such grace, beauty and gentle humor. This message of hope is especially touching.


  16. You know, that's why I smile at so many people. You never know who made need one. And funny thing is, I feel better each time I do it!
    Lovely post.

  17. This is so well put. It's true that poems and brownies won't fill holes in the heart but if nothing will then the small things, whatever they are, are the best and most real distractions and affirmations till time does its thing.

  18. What a lovely, lovely post. I absolutely loved the photos, and your topic was truly inspiring!

  19. What wonderful words you share here. You just never know who you might have touched with this. Bravo.


  20. Beautiful and happy images, thank you....xv

  21. ...Your post has made my day...and now I will go forth and smile at all the strangers I meet:)

  22. It's nice to meet you! I followed you here from somewhere else & was delighted by this post! (I liked the silvered pumpkin the best - it made me giggle!) Thank you for the beautiful moment!

  23. Your posts always inspire a feeling of hope--as well the beauty and joy of life. Love & appreciate what you are doing here! xo, GG

  24. I love that brownies and Moonstruck gives you hope. It made me think of all the odd little things that give me hope. Here are a few:

    Rosemary Clooney's voice
    the squeak of the mailbox door
    soft kisses on the forehead
    and, always, laughter

  25. you bring sunshine to my heart~ and yes, this is bliss~

  26. Hi Gigi...this is a lovely post and really speaks to me right now when I really must try to retain some optimism and hope even if things don't go to plan - thanks...lovely words and lovely images :)

  27. beautiful post Gigi, gorgeous pics and I especially love the fabulous pink bike.
    thanks for making me smile ♥

  28. you are such a gem, dear gigi ...

    oh my! JUST now, as i was typing, my cat oliver climbed the big oak tree next to my studio and must have decided to take a step onto the tin roof ...

    well, i guess you know what happened next! the sound of his claws on the roof and then a thud ...

    he has dirt on his nose and he seemed a bit dazed and may have his dignity bruised, but i think he is ok ... phew ... kinda took the wind out of my sails as well!

    i can't help but think, given the subject at hand, he was really hoping he had something to hold onto as he slid down the metal!

    anyways, i surely could feel that swaying feeling of sitting on the seat as you pedal ~ you really took me back ... and thank you for being so generous to offer your friendship and to be there when needed ...

    your optimism shines through every time giving us all a hand to hold ...

    thanks again ... as always,
    prairiegirl xoxoxo

  29. So much beauty.
    I love those butterflies..the real one and that gorgeous beautiful colorful glass one...how I would love to have one of those hanging in my window!

    Thank you for the ray of hope xo

  30. Wow - what a perfect post for me to read on a morning when I'm stressed and feeling flat! Beautiful uplifting photos - just what I needed. I also need that pink bike, it has my name written all over it!!
    So happy to have found your lovely blog. Following now too :-)
    Cheers, Karen


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