Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hope is like a road in the country; 
there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, 
the road comes into existence.
~Lin Yutang


  1. love that quote! The sign is pretty awesome too! I hope your weekend is great,Gigi..I am having a Nick & Nora marathon - loving it!

  2. Hi Gigi

    First of all - a belated happy birthday. Hope you had a lovely day full of all your favourite people and things. I've just been reading all your posts for the last week and have had such a lovely time catching up. Your description of autumn fills me with longing - it's seems so very far away here in Australia! Leigh

  3. Love the quote ... and the little eyes in Woods!

  4. So very true!
    Enjoy your weekend with your darling hubby Gigi!
    ps: the road is missing a 'shops' sign no?!

  5. Very have given us something to ponder on, this Sunday, Gigi. Have a lovely day. XXXX

  6. Ah, yes.... so lovely! And the "eyes" on the Woods lends such a fun whimsy... Happy Weekend, Gigi :o) ((HUGS))

  7. So true, and wise written... I love the photo as well...

    Thank you , for your kind words on my post, they made me smile.

    It´s so nice and so interesting, getting to know how you celebrate advent. And it sounds very familiar , since it´s exactly how we do it.

    I wish you a peaceful day.

  8. ...oh to live on a small island where a sign like that is all you really need:)...

  9. Fantastic photo and even better quote! I love your blog and most definitely will be back!
    xo isa

  10. wouldn't it be nice to live in such a simple place. Oh, and we would have pudding, lots of pudding.

  11. How was your birthday darlin'? This is a beautiful quote~ I love the word HOPE and have it on stone, wood and marble thoughout my home.

  12. That's a beautiful quote. And as for the sign, hmmm, woods, water or town...that's a hard choice!

  13. I am thinking of you today, dear friend. And I have missed you.

  14. Great quote and great picture! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. just look at this road we are walking down together, dear gigi!
    i couldn't have hoped for a better friend to experience this with ...

    thank you ...

    prairiegirl xoxoxoxo

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