Monday, September 26, 2011

A Very Special Event: Du for a Cause

Hello, friends!  I'm excited to share news about an upcoming event organized by my sister-in-law, Sue Scott.  Sue recently started an organization called DU for a Cause.  "DU" is short for duathlon--a kids' run, bike, run event--that Sue plans to hold every year to raise money for children in need.  This year's DU is being held on October 22nd in Bernardston, Massachusetts.   

Sue and her husband Tom live in Western Massachusetts with their four very active kids.  She and I chatted this past week about the DU, and I thought I'd spread the word here on The Magpie's Fancy in case there are any local readers with kids who would like to participate, or folks who live far away but would like to donate to DU for a Cause.  Read on for my interview with Sue:

Why did you choose to make this annual event a duathlon, and why for kids?

Our kids have been interested in triathlons and duathlons, and we realized there weren't any in our area.  To get kids involved in this kind of event is important because it teaches them that they can all help make a difference in a child's life.  I wanted my kids to know that they play an important role in other people's lives, and participating in the DU will give them the opportunity to do good things for others.

I know that this year's DU is dedicated to helping Dylan Snow and his family.  Can you tell us a little bit about Dylan?

Dylan is a 2-year-old boy who lives in Bernardston, Massachusetts, and he has been at Boston Childrens' Hospital since January 2011.  Really, the scary part is that doctors don't know what Dylan has.  Many doctors from all around the world have been working on him and his situation. 

Dylan Snow

What has the community's response been like to the DU for Dylan so far?

We are starting to get registrations in, and sponsors have been extremely supportive to get this moving.  We have a lot of volunteers, and many businesses have donated items for the DU.

Can people contribute to the DU for Dylan if they don't have kids or if they live too far away for their kids to participate?

YES!  Donations are very much appreciated.  You can make checks payable to Sue Scott, with DU for a Cause in the memo line.  Donations can be sent to Sue Scott, 167 West Rd,  Bernardston, MA 01337.

What do you envision for the future of DU for a Cause?  

My wish is that in the future over 100 children will participate in the DU with the hope that they will know that by running and biking their way through a course they are helping a child in need.  I want children to know that they can make a difference in others' lives, not just their parents, but kids can DU IT!!

If you live in the Bernardston, Massachusetts, area and have kids who would like to participate in this year's DU for a Cause, here's more information about the event and how to register:

Date and Time: Saturday, October 22, 2011, at 12:00 noon
Location: Pioneer Valley Regional High School, Northfield, Massachusetts
Registration Fee (includes and T-shirt): By October 11, $10/child, After October 11, $15/child

Age Groups and Distances: Children will run and bike the following distances:
5 and under: run 1/4 mile, bike 1/2 mile, run 1/4 mile
6 & 7: run 1/4 mile, bike 1 mile, run 1/4 mile
8 & 9: run 1/2 mile, bike 1 mile, run 1/2 mile
10 & 11: run 1/2 mile, bike 2 miles, run 1/2 mile
12 & 13: run 3/4 mile, bike 2 1/2 miles, run 3/4 mile
14 and up: run 1 mile, bike 3 miles, run 1 mile

To register, send the entry fee, along with the information below to Sue Scott, 167 West Rd., Bernardston, MA 01337.  Registration on the day of the race will begin at 10:30.

Please include this information with your entry fee:
Child's name
Age (on day of race)
Phone Number
Emergency contact name and number during DU
Child's nickname
T-shirt size (CM CL AS AM AL)

For more information, you can contact race organizer Sue Scott at 1-413-522-4980.
You can also like DU for a Cause on FaceBook to help spread the word!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just This

Nothing more--or less--today than these end-of-summer cosmos.  On difficult days it can be a feat of the will just to look closely, just to see something well.  I'm grateful for these flowers, for having eyes to see them, and for having a heart that knows their worth.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Blueberry Cake

A year ago I posted my memere's blueberry crumb cake recipe, and today as I baked what seemed like my 522nd blueberry cake--or at least my 473rd, I thought, "I need to share that recipe again."  And later as my husband helped himself to his third piece and declared it his favorite dessert in the world, I thought, "Truly, I need to share that recipe again."

Photos of the cake are lovely and all, but they do not do it justice.  You simply need to try the recipe for yourself.  

The only thing I will add is that I often make it with buttermilk instead of soured milk, as I did today, and I love it that way, too.  If you can get wild Maine blueberries, they are the best for this recipe because they are small and sweet and more complexly flavored, but regular high-bush berries are fine, too.

I can't think of a better end-of-summer treat than this simple, lovely cake.  I especially like it with a cup of Earl Grey tea, and I have never in my life stopped at one piece.  In fact, I've never seen anyone eat just one piece of this.  My memere was a fine baker, indeed.

Special thanks for all the wonderful recent comments, and welcome to new followers and subscribers!  I haven't been able to visit your blogs as often as I like recently because of my writing schedule, but I look forward to catching up with you soon.  In the meantime, have a beautiful weekend, my friends!