Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Whirl

Summer has spun ever faster this year, but suddenly we are nearing the moment when the merry-go-round man flips the switch, slowing us down, easing us--whether we want it or not--into that last turn towards Fall. 

August in Maine is always spectacular, and this one especially so, which we needed after a winter of record-breaking snows, a spring of bitter rains, and a July that was either light-the-fire cold or run-to-Walmart-for-a-window-AC hot.  The last two weeks have been blissful, sunshiny warm.  The coneflowers and brown-eyed Susans have thrived, the dahlias have exploded like fireworks, and the roses have bloomed, bloomed, and bloomed some more.

I am working on a garden post to show you how much the new beds have grown.  Summer in Maine is short.  Gardening's a challenge, especially since we are under snow so much of the year, but those months of bloom that we do get are all the more special for it.  And for me, September just might be the best of them all, so I will have much to show you.  

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few links to special places in our area.  If you live here or are planning a trip to Maine soon, here's a very short list of summer/early fall love:

Dining Fancies
The Well at Jordan's Farm (dine by candlelight in a field of flowers)
Kettle Cove Creamery (dessert after the The Well perhaps :)--take it to the beach to watch sunset)
Five Islands Lobster Company (Real Maine food in a stunning location)

Adventure Fancies
Casco Bay Lines Sunrise Cruise (leaves at 5 a.m.--absolutely beautiful tour of the bay)
Portland Trails (walk or bike for miles on beautiful trails)
Coastal Maine Botanical Garden (an award-winning garden right on the coast--loads of walking trails)

I'll have more links soon!

For now, I hope all of you in this hemisphere are soaking up every last bit of summer beauty you can.  

xo Gigi  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photography News and Heartfelt Thanks

Photo from Edible Long Island

Just a quick note to share a couple of pieces of happy news.  One of my photos appears in the inaugural edition of Edible Long Island, a beautiful magazine, which you can view here (options for various devices and screens are available).  My shot of squash blossoms appears on page 34.  Paper lovers can order print versions of the magazine, too.  So old school.  

I'm also pleased as punch that Getty Images has picked up several more of my photos.  The first few can be viewed here.  More will be added in the coming days.  

I want to end this post by saying thank you to everyone who left comments here or sent me emails about my last post.  It was difficult to write it; harder still to click "publish."  I almost deleted it, which is something I've never done before in all these years of blogging.  Your words made me decide to leave it up.  Thank you, my friends.

xo Gigi