Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunflowers, Mums, Pumpkins, and Love

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

I have marriage on my mind tonight because Todd and I had the great thrill of serving as attendants at his younger sister's wedding over the weekend.  The flowers above are a close-up I took this morning of the bouquet I carried.  I was so busy talking with people and enjoying myself at the reception that I didn't take one single photograph.  Me.  Can you believe it?  But the mental images are vivid.  I loved so much about their wedding weekend: 

family and friends gathering the day before 
to decorate the reception hall with huge pots of mums 
and piles of pumpkins and gourds 

rehearsal dinner at a really good local Chinese restaurant--
the platters of noodle and rice and egg rolls never stopped coming

dark clouds in the morning that cleared as the wedding hour approached

watching my youngest niece before the ceremony 
as she practiced tossing rose petals 
from her pumpkin-shaped basket

a homily on love by their parish priest

the toast given by the best man--maybe the best one I've ever heard

warm apple crisp in lieu of wedding cake

autumn leaves falling outside the windows of the hall

watching two best friends exchange vows

getting to share my birthday from now on with their anniversary
(okay, that one is a little selfish, but I can't help myself!)

What, you might, ask, happened to all those mums and pumpkins after the proverbial party was over?  The mums went back to Todd's dad's garden and the pumpkins we divvied up among family members. A few made their way back home with us.  The bride and groom are on their honeymoon  now, of course, but they are coming to visit us at the end of the week.  When they arrive they will find these little reminders of their wedding day tucked into corners all over the house.   
My favorite is the white one in my workshop/guest room,
but I like the humor of the pumpkin on my hutch, where it echoes the shape of the melon-patterned tea service and the "Peter Pumpkin Eater" child's lamp.  While the message of that old nursery rhyme leaves much to be desired for married couples, I can't resist the charm of the lamp.
This tiny pumpkin sits in our front hall where we keep cards on display in a vintage Underwood typewriter.  

As I type this post I'm remembering it was twenty years ago this very month that I met my husband on a chilly Halloween night.  October seems an auspicious month for beginnings, indeed.   


  1. Oh what a fantastic post, Gigi! Your photos more than make up for me not getting to see the bride!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe you have only just moved in! Your home is stunning,
    I do think an autumn wedding has to be the most romantic. Thanks so much for sharing! C x

  2. Hi Gigi,

    What a heart-warming post! Who needs pictures of the wedding...when your words described it so perfectly - the colors, the decorations, the emotion, and the love.

    Your home is so warm and inviting too!

    Your pumpkins make me miss autumn back East. We have them here, but it isn't the same.

    Cheers my dear,

    p.s. Happy Birthday?

    How did the antique show go? Hope it was a success. Say hi to your mother.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day, Gigi. I wish the happy couple many years of happiness with the ptomise of falling in love all over again, many times !
    It was our son and daughter-in-law's 2nd wedding anniversay yesterday and Autumn always brings back memories of that oh so special day. It was the BEST day E-V-E-R. ....and, your home looks lovely with some of the wedding decorations. A great idea, as it reminds you, everyday of the wonderful time you had. XXXX

  4. Such a lovely time to reminisce...weddings do that....Happy anniversary and birthday Gigi....October must be your month, xv.

  5. You brought that wedding to life with each and every word.
    I could taste the rehearsal dinner and see your niece twirling as she practiced!
    We don't have white pumpkins here in Australia and that is now the second one I have seen here in blog world. Are they orange inside and do they taste the same?

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments, friends! Julienne, I've never eaten a white pumpkin; I've only decorated with them, so I don't know how they taste. I'll have to try cooking with one this year! I love white pumpkins so much that I often let them hang around well into December. Sometimes I then paint them silver and keep them going through the Christmas season!

    Does anyone know if the white pumpkins are as tasty as orange ones for cooking? :)

  7. This is heart-meltingly lovely, Gigi...*sigh*... An autumn wedding, oh how sweet--and what a splendid bouquet! That last photo I love so much--your idea of using the typewrite to display cards & finds is a great one! Oh, and yes you can eat the white pumpkins. I've not tried one myself, but am told they are just as tasty cooked as their orange cousins. :o) Thank you for sharing... ((HUGS))

  8. Happy Birthday dear Gigi! A lovely time of year to celebrate birthdays and weddings... nature has already decorated for you:)

    I love the photos of your home...it looks as cozy at I pictured...and that green hutch! Love it!

    ...and apple crisp instead of wedding cake? This takes the cake! Absolutely marvelous!

  9. i bet that wedding was just filled with tears....it sounds beautiful.

    and seeing some little corners of your world.....gosh, your home is fabulous !

  10. The wedding sounds beautiful with the autumn touches and love all around. Your hutch with the pumpkin shaped teaset is gorgeous. Your special touches for the bride and grooms visit are delightful. Have a wonderful visit.

  11. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gorgeous!!! What a great post Gigi, love the vintage typewriter with notes in it, the touches throughout your home (little pumpkins do make you smile don't they?) and how brilliant to have apple crisp instead of wedding cake. It sounds like a perfect wedding day. Now go have some birthday cake. I would make you apple crisp if I was closer. Much love XO

  12. What a wonderful post, Gigi! The weekend you described sounds so perfect, I could picture it all so well. And apple crisp instead of cake is my kind of wedding!! You home is so warm and cozy, especially loving that typewriter photo! Happy Belated Birthday - it sounds like you had a fabulous celebration! Congratulations to your sister in law and her husband! xxoo :)

  13. In Ontario, the white pumpkins are called Boos!
    Love this time of year. I have marriage on my mind too, and want to book it soon for next summer. So glad you enjoyed yourself enough to not take a single photo. Memories in the mind are wonderful things....all the more clear when you are focused on the moment.

  14. Great post, great photos, great ideas!

  15. Magnificent time of year for a wedding.
    Sounds lovely and so is your home.


  16. Sounds like a big happy birthday greeting is in order, Gigi! What a beautiful way to celebrate - a wedding! Love it. That chubby white pumpkin is adorable.

  17. what beauty - and i love how you spread them over your house like the love you all share. perfection.

  18. oh, look at that typewriter filled with love.
    i love love all these photos.

  19. Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday weekend. And thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your home--your spaces are so serene, creative and beautiful--just like you. I also love your new Legacy series; I am finding so many wonderful blogs through the postings and the links. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I love seeing little snippets of your home and I'm a sucker for weddings ;)

  21. What a beautiful, heartful post. I must tell you, I loved, loved these peaks into your beautiful, soulful home.

  22. This post. Those photos. Love love love...
    20 years ago...cheers.

  23. Beautiful photos Gigi...I love how you have decorated your spaces, and I so very much love that great big window in your guest room...the light!....I can only imagine the views outside that window.


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