Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As some of you know, my word for the year is grace.  Matthew 7:7 reads, "Seek, and ye shall find."  Well,  all I had to do was type the word, and already grace has arrived this year in many forms, including intense conversations with smart and inspiring people, real paper notes and emails from dear friends, links and features online from beautiful prairiegirl and amazing Bine, wonderful enthusiasm about the Freewrite Series from lovely people like Robin and Karen, and incredible support from my husband in more ways than I can count.            

And then this morning, while I was scrubbing out the bathtub, grace arrived right on my doorstep in the form of a package from my sister-in-law (and fellow magpie) Cate.  Cate and I share many traits, including a passion for paper, an obsession with all things sparkly, and a love of crafting with--you guessed it--paper that is sparkly.  So when I opened the package to discover a glittery gift inside, I almost didn't want to open it.  It was that pretty.  See the polka dots on the paper?  Those are lovely flocked circles underneath the glitter.  Sigh.

But open the gift I did, and what was inside?  Eternal grace, of course.  Cate had read my word-for-the-year post, and she sent me some grace of my very own to begin the new year right.  What a gift she is.  

Thank you so much for your emails and comments about the Freewrite Series.  I've been hearing interesting stories about the map exercise, and I look forward to hearing more this coming Friday when I post the next exercise.  Please feel free to stop by and join in any time it strikes your fancy.


  1. Dearest Gigi,

    That was sure a lovely gift sent by your sister Cate!
    Interesting subject you write about in the map exercise and it might inspire a lot of readers to start writing their stories!
    Have you checked out my 925/000 silver giveaway silver angel (magpie's love glittering things!)? It runs till January 25 and at the top of my blog you get to it with one click on the button.

    Have a great week with lots of grace!


  2. Gigi,
    Thanks for being such an inspriation to me. I am looking forward to the whole series. Thanks for being you and hope you have a lovely week.

  3. What a perfect gift! Like you, I'm in love with beautiful paper and ribbons, so opening this would have been difficult it is so pretty!

  4. Oh, what a lovely gift! Wrapped so beautifully, I love the Peace sign. XO

  5. Amazing grace and pure grace- my regular scents and all time favorites
    grace was in my phrase last year
    the power of forgiveness the power of grace
    you will witness amazing change with this word
    I am seeing action with my word BEGIN

    life is good



  6. ahh, i need to get back to the exercise - with the drama of last week i need something to center me.

  7. What a beautiful gift:)

    ...and what a beautiful header! Have you had this for a while and I just noticed it?

  8. Nope. It's a new header. New colors for the blog tonight. New year, new colors, although the photo is one I took last spring. I think I'm craving a wee bit of spring. :)

  9. LOVE, love, love the beautiful new banner and the light, gracious feel & look here--so delicious in the midst of winter, Gigi. Your gift from Cate is lovely. It is wonderful when someone is so in tune with us and we can sing the songs together. :o) I'm afraid I didn't get far on my writing exercise from Friday. I've been very under the weather with a cold and my brains is feeling very foggy just now. I hope to pick up this week. Happy Days, lovely Gigi ((HUGS))

  10. Thanks, Tracy! And no worries if you didn't get far with the last exercise. You mentioned at the time that you weren't feeling well. I hope you are beginning to feel better this week. I know how hard it can be to have a cold in the winter. It just drags down spirit, mind, and body. Sending healing wishes! xo

  11. A very thoughtful sister-in-law to honor you with a gift of GRACE. I love that word.

  12. This beautiful new header is a gracenote for me! What bliss to see flowers in January.

    How lovely that you have such a simpatico and supportive relationship with your sister.

  13. wonderful that grace is following you around, as if you had any doubts that this was the perfect word. Love your new blog header!!

  14. What a sweet blog filled with lovely substance. Glad to have coffee here this morning ~ xox Alexandra

  15. Grace, my favorite! I received a bottle for Christmas and I cherish it.
    So light and fresh! I have to say sisters are the best! Cate sounds like she is very special. Oh, and I was so happy to see the mention of me in your post and in the same sentence as the word enthusiasm. I feel so honored, thank you.

  16. That sister-in-law of yours is awfully precious.


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