Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wishful Thinking and a Giveaway

I'm engaging in a little Wishful Thinking at Reverie-Daydream today.  Please come visit me there!

Also, if you haven't registered for my giveaway, you can do it here
 The prize is a $75 gift certificate to Novica--
a truly beautiful online catalog full of handmade beauty from all over the world.
Deadline for registering is this coming Friday at noon EST.

I hope you're having a beautiful week.  
Welcome to new followers and subscribers!


  1. Hello Gigi:
    We very much enjoyed reading your post on Reverie-Daydream and are sure that that cottage on the island will, one day, be yours!

  2. I loved reading about your 'wishful thinking walks.'My husband and I are preparing to by our first house and we take such walks in our favorite neighborhood - the one that is currently out of our price range. I know these walks are very productive because armies of 'wishful thinking' angels are sent forth on every walk and they are charged with making your dreams come true!

  3. I really enjoyed reading you post over at reverie. inspiring to see you and your husband chasing a dream. congrats and nice 'meeting' you :)

  4. i missed the give-away, but have seen some beautiful photos :)


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