Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tiny Raspberry Tarts

It strikes me that the title of this post sounds a little like a new doll line for girls that's a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and those horrible Bratz monstrosities with the giant lips, but I promise it has nothing to do with anything so awful.  Quite the opposite.  I was in need of a little comfort last night, as were a few other folks I know and love, so I made us some very tiny and quick tarts.  I thought I'd share the method with you, since they are really, really good to make for kids, and they couldn't be faster.  
  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  • Line a large cookie sheet with parchment.
  • Roll out two crusts'-worth of pie dough.  You can use homemade or the Pillsbury pre-made stuff. If you use pre-made, roll it out a tiny bit thinner and use both crusts in the box.
  • Cut circles in the pastry with a biscuit cutter (or the floured rim of a glass).

  • Dab a spoonful of seedless jam (those crafty Trappist monks make a good one and it saves me from straining the seeds) in the center of half the rounds.  Be generous, but also be sure to keep the jam away from the edges.
  • Brush a little beaten egg around the edge of each circle to act as glue, then press another circle on top of it.

  • Crimp the edges of each circle together with a fork or pastry crimper.
  • Brush the tops with a little egg wash to give them a wonderful golden-glazed finish in the oven.
  • Make four small slits in the center of each with a sharp knife
  • Pop them in the oven.  I baked mine for eight minutes, turned the sheet, and then baked them for about 6 or 7 more minutes until golden brown on top.

  • Once they're out of the oven and cooled a bit, you can mix together a few spoonfuls of confectioner's sugar with a tiny splash of milk (regular, almond, soy--whatever you like) and then let the kids drizzle glaze on them with a spoon (or piped through a ziplock baggie with a tiny hole cut in one corner).

Most of them will get eaten straight off the pan, but if there are any left, plate them and enjoy.  They are a fabulous alternative to pop tarts, and you can fill them with anything you like: brown sugar and cinnamon, chocolate, lemon curd, apple or pumpkin butter--whatever tastes good and will fit inside the crusts! 

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  It's a perfect fall day here.  We spent the morning at a local farm, and tonight's a hayride with the nephews.  Life can be so hard, but I am grateful for those small moments of sweetness, and I savor each and every one of them.  xo


  1. OK, I have to try these. They'd be perfect for Q's lunch box. I may try them with lingonberry!

  2. Lignonberry! Yum. Yes, they are a perfect lunchbox treat--sort of the gourmet girl's answer to pop tarts! :D

  3. A sweet memory for me Gigi. My mom used to make jam tarts for us when we were kids. I haven't thought about those for a long time. I love how you make little pop tarts and the drizzle! if it wasn't late I would start some right now. Happy weekend, cold and windy here. We took Daisy for a walk with a sweater and she still almost blew away. It's going to be a long winter. XO

  4. Dearest Gigi,

    Fabulous and quick tarts you show here! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm and cozy inside. Guess it is cooling down in your erea.

    Love to you,


  5. Ohhhh yummy! I have to try these! xxoo :)

  6. Oh gorgeous Gigi, must try it.

    Happy Weekend,
    xxx DJ

  7. Gigi......Sometimes I wish your baked beauties could jump off the screen and straight into my greedy little paws! Delicious.....xv

  8. I can almost smell the deliciousness from here, Gigi! Wish we're friendly neighbors!! p.s: the sky in your previous post is AMAZING!

  9. i am not much of a cook, but you make this sound easy and fast (that seems impossible to me!) and awfully yummy. thinking i may have to do this.


  10. Oooo... I love these little yummies--the do look devilishly good! I love raspberry anything. Have some blueberry jam at the moment though, so might try with that. Or maybe lemon curd?! ;o) I'm making apple butter this weekend and chocolate cake. So a very domestic bliss pair of days. Oh, stop by if you get a chance--I'm having a teeny, tiny giveaway for autumn. Happy Weekend, my friend :O) ((BIG HUGS))

  11. feasting eyes and soul
    on this
    with glad and grateful

  12. sounds so yummy and looks so beautiful! so glad you share!

  13. My mother use to make cherry pies for me like this when I was a girl. I have been thinking about experimenting with a chicken curry filling for little pies for picnics outdoors. You make it look so simple.

  14. That sounds great, Marilyn! My sister and I were talking today about doing caramelized onions and cheese --almost like mini pasties! Yum. These are super easy, easy, easy.

  15. Sounds like a great recipe--will try next week. Thanks. Mary

  16. I love these type of tarts.... I bake to relax and I think I'll make up a batch of these this week. Thanks for the recipe.

  17. I told my husband just last week how nice it is that food brings people together. I was recalling a dinner I made and shared with someone who was weathering some of life's bumps. I'll never forget the grateful smile he gave me afterward when he simply said, "Thanks for feeding me". I love food that feeds both body and spirit, & your tarts do look oh-so-comforting. I will try them out on my daughter & her friends when they get home from school.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  18. These sweet little tarts brought back a wonderful memory of my maternal grandma Sarah...She was a pie baker and would make jame tarts with any leftover pastry dough she was never enough I can assure you! Grandchildren would be circling around the cooling cookie sheet ready to grab those special treats made just for us:) Now I wonder why she never just made pans of the little tarts!

    I will make these soon!

  19. Oooh Gigi these look so delish. I know Isabella would love making these with me!!

    I found you at my friend Sande's!

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

    Art by Karena

  20. I made these today with pumpkin butter. My 8-year-old asked if I could make a hundred of them for Thanksgiving! Needless to say, they were a huge hit. :)


  21. Yum! If I told the truth, I would never make these - I'd be more likely to pile up with a book - but I love the idea that I might someday be the kind of girl who would make these and then enjoy a hayride.

  22. I can't believe how much I've missed you... how much your beautiful blog comforts me. I can almost picture myself in your kitchen right about now. (and after I am done with the grapefruit, I am going to try these at some point... what a perfect idea!)
    It is so good to see (read) you Gigi. You are a treasure.
    Sending you many hugs...xoxoxoxo


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