Friday, January 6, 2012

After the Tree

Okay, I admit it.  After I took all the ornaments off the tree and packed them away in their tissues and pretty boxes, I fell into a deep funk.  For the past month, the evening view from my favorite spot on the couch had been this:

With the tree gone, the room felt bare.  No, not just bare--blank.  I'm guessing maybe you've had that feeling before, too.  I think I feel it more right now because we're living in an apartment and can't paint the walls or hang loads of paintings.  I like white and clean, simple lines without a lot of clutter, so I'm okay with that, but magpie that I am, suddenly I was really, really missing the sparkle.  

So I decided to put a bit back.  

I grabbed a string of white lights with a white cord and tied on lots of tulle bows to soften it.

Then, using a couple of map pins on one side and my old apple ladder on the other, I hung the lights over the little red stove.  It's not a forever kind of decoration, but a fun-for-January kind of twinkly bit of cheer.  

The little red stove leads me to one more note about light and sparkle.  I crave light all year long, but especially during the winter months.  One of my favorite ways to get it during the winter is from a fireplace.  Alas, the apartment has no fireplace.  What was a poor magpie to do?  I bought a very reasonably priced electric one just before Christmas.  I don't usually like the look of electric fireplaces.  They often seem fake and flimsy to me, but I found this one online at Plow & Hearth, and I love it.  I swear they're not paying me a commission, but maybe they should, since everyone who comes into my living room now wants this stove.  My mother and sister both bought one after seeing mine, and I know a few other people who are planning to buy them as well.  You can run the flames with or without heat,  and this little stove that could cheers up the entire room.  Best of all, the surface is always cool to the touch, so I can use the top to display a wooden bowl of pine cones--or whatever my magpie heart desires.  

I just thought I'd share this info in case anyone else would love a fireplace but can't have one where they are living.  If you have an old mantle, that would look fabulous with this stove, too.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect one.  In the meantime, the tulle-dressed lights add a little whimsy, warmth, and shimmer to these cold January nights. 


  1. I love your lights. My daughter has the white lights hung around her whole room year round - its her mood lighting and I adore it. I am also loving your fireplace. I want one too, now! :). Wishing the best year ever to you, Gigi! xxoo

  2. Thanks, Cathi! Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. LOVE, love, love these sparkling images, Gigi! I felt the same way. We didn't decorate a lot this year since we went away to the USA to my family this year for the holidays. My theme this year was gold and purple. Midweek I started taking things down and putting away. Yesterday I started putting some of the purple and gold back. Just gotta have it. ;o) haha... Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  4. I too, didn't pack the last string of lights.

  5. That was a really pretty tree, I can see why you miss it! But a very good idea with the little white lights and the fire place is perfect!

  6. The lights are such a good idea. I took some lights and spread them around my living room too just because I knew I would get really depressed it I didn't have some. Then I left a small fake tree up in my dining room with lights and put all the heart shaped ornaments on it for Valentine's. My daughter knitted a string of little mittens that I hung over my mantel and tucked little red hearts in them. Ok, now I am set for awhile. Lights are a very good thing to help us get through the winter darkness.

  7. Awww, now that is just like you to add a little whimsy to the ordinary. You are so good at that!
    I took down all my decorations except the white lights...I just don't have the heart to take them down yet. I'm glad I am in good company. :)

    I've been looking at those electric fireplaces... while some look like crap, some of them look so real!! One day I would like to have one too. So cozy. I'm glad you are keeping yourself warm and snug this January, my friend.
    I've missed you so much!

  8. I do leave all those electric candles shining in the windows until February has passed...somehow I need that light too:)

  9. ...oh and I really WANT one of those red fireplaces!

  10. I love your stove Gigi. We just moved into our new house which doesn't have a fireplace which saddens me because one of the few things I loved about our very old house was the fireplace. I too purchased an electric fireplace like yours because I can't conceive a winter without glow from the flames. Even if the flames are artificial. LOL


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